EA Sports is back for another year of golf with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 for the XBOX 360 and PS3. We’ve had this game for a week now, and it’s been a great golf experience for players new to the game, or seasoned veterans. The game is out today, so here’s our official review:

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  1. I had been playing the early release of the game and checking out the new features of the career mode of TW14.
    Thankfully they fixed the game face from the previous year as I couldn’t get a good rendering to save my life, this years however has drastically improved its ridiculous the likeness from myself and the character.
    To the career itself I like the fact you have to work your way up to the PGA and not just begin your career up with the big boys. It didn’t take me long to adjust myself to the new tweaks involved with the swing mechanics and putting, however I also notice the strike marker may also position itself wherever it likes so keep an eye on that.
    Online wise I’m excited to finally get a chance to play the new ‘night ball’ with friends in an match and see who’s emerges victorious.

    If anyone is interested in joining me in an online club then please feel free to add me via Xbox OptimusJAMZ

    or follow me via twitter @joshuaJAMZ

    • Hey Josh, first of all, thanks for the review, you make some good points. I’m actually still noticing issues with the Game Face feature. For some reason, it worked fine for me in Tiger Woods 11 & 12, but these last 2 years have outputted terrible renders.

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