After a lengthy wait, a patch for NASCAR The Game: Inside Line has been released for the XBOX 360. This update will download automatically when you run your copy of the game, and connected to XBOX Live. While the list of changes is huge, most NASCAR fans are anticipating the arrival of the new Gen6 cars patch, expected to be released shortly after Easter. Here are all of the changes:



  • Xbox, a player can be put into a lobby where NATs conflict meaning they will be kicked when the counter reaches zero.
  • If someone is dropped when in the Infield Garage, the rolling starts are broken.
  • Matchmaking puts the player into a lobby when a game is already in progress.
  • After a caution / quick caution, players can be dropped from the game.
  • If a player DNF’s and then a caution is called, players separate into different lobbies.
  • Infrequently the player appears to have hit a car in front even though they are not touching.
  • Sometimes laps go out of sync when compared with other players in the game.
  • On the Caution Summary, the number plate becomes mixed up if a player leaves the game.
  • On the Garage Overview screens, the number plates are not listed correctly.
  • If the host is in any position other than first, they will take off and leave the pack in both SF and DF rolling starts after a caution.
  • When the Quick Caution screen appears, all players seem to have 80% “health”.
  • When the Quick Caution screen appears for the second time, wedge cannot be adjusted.
  • When reviewing the online race results, players who DNF’d aren’t displayed.
  • When joining a race in progress, only the host’s progress i.e. Racing Lap X is displayed.
  • Sometimes cautions don’t appear to be called.
  • Often 3 laps are run in a GWC.
  • At the end of a practice session, the Overview appears different on numerous players consoles.
  • A player car number doesn’t show up in the lobby interface when joining a game in progress until that player finishes racing and returns to the lobby.
  • When joining a session in progress and once the race is completed, a Race Over counter begins. This sequence breaks with around 10 seconds left.
  • During the rolling start sequence a car can appeared ghosted.
  • The session over times aren’t in sync.
  • Invalid laps from the Road Courses can be seen by others even though dashes are seen by the offending player on their overview screen (Qualifying).
  • The overview screen can remain on during gameplay.

Offline / Possibly Online:

  • Cautions are called when the player is on the apron around the start of the pit road zone.
  • The CSR wheel depresses both the accelerator and clutch at the same time.
  • Setups do not save correctly.
  • One of the player cars disappear during the split screen rolling start and reappears when crossing the start line.
  • The player can get inaccurate lap times, normally very small.
  • A.I. cause cautions when leaving pit road under green flag conditions.
  • The player position indicator is missing on the single file caution sequence.
  • A.I. appear to have problems with pit strategy, pitting the lap after a Caution or most of the field coming in on the same lap under green.
  • A.I. general over taking and passing of lapped cars has been improved.
  • A.I. “brake checking” on certain tracks has been improved.
  • During a pit stop changing the wedge, returning to do another stop, the wedge has changed.
  • Richmond and possibly other tracks, some AI drivers change their paint scheme between practice and the race.
  • DNF’ing because of damage or fuel doesn’t update the race stats, it should.
  • Adding a splash of gas would add a full can.
  • The positions made / lost on the Caution Summary screen is often wrong even though the players are in the correct position.
  • Roof flaps don’t deploy during replays.
  • When receiving an message that a sponsor is interested, qualify 10th or better in the next 2 races, doesn’t work.
  • If the car is fatally damaged and on fire and rolls across the finish line in 1st place, it the burnout sequence and Victory Road the car remains on fire.
  • If you run out of gas but win the race, you can’t go forwards during the burn out but you can reverse?
  • During the single file caution state when others are pitting but not the player, the wrong way text or the ahead / behind indicator can appear under the text.
  • Paint Booth, colors are added to the recent colors list even if they are in there already.
  • The spotter stops talking when turning off the proximity indicator.
  • Only the first 4 photos show up on the loading screen.


Re-Balance / Enhancement:

  • Added black flags (only) to the flag rules in Choose a Race and Private Race.
  • Increase the chance of a new primary sponsor offer being made.
  • In Season mode, change the paint scheme of the player car to the scheme that ran at the appropriate race if we have it, otherwise default to the one the player chose at the start.
  • The tire temp indicator shows blue at too high a temp.
  • Change the tire wear indicator to a non-linear scale to match the drop off.
  • Re-balanced the road course penalty system.
  • When creating a new setup the default values should be based on the preset race set up for that track.
  • Re-balance how much the tires wear on various tracks.
  • The car now overheats quicker.
  • During the single file caution state, the player can use all camera functions.
  • Right stick can be defined to accelerate / brake.
  • Time to give a position back on the plate tracks increased to 10 seconds.
  • Default Dead Zone setting for wheels should be 5%.
  • When using a wheel, the steer assist should be used so that when full the wheel doesn’t have any stagger effect.
  • Mechanical damage has been made more consistent.
  • A.I. cars can be turned easier by the player.
  • Reviewed performance of wheels in the game and enhanced.
  • Improved the stagger between cars during riling starts.

Comments (7)

  1. Way to go you royally fucked the game up now ppl that say the patch worked should be taken in a dark room and beat

    • I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about the patch via our Twitter account. I’m going to give it a go this morning and try it out, and post a follow-up to see what has actually changed. Unfortunate news for fans of the game, this patch has taken a lengthy amount of time to be released.

      • why cant we play with the Gen 6 cars for free? considering we pay 60 dollars and the game had problems … i feel this is unfair

        • Not entirely sure why you gotta pay. Last year’s update was free, so them charging this year is a little weird.

  2. Too bad, I being a naïve fool, just bought this game thinking the same problems from last year wouldn’t be present….it seems I was wrong. I thought after the first one was such a flop they`d make sure to do it right the second time round….no more nascar games for me for a few years I guess. maybe EA pumping out the same game every year wasn`t so bad, at least they worked properly

    • Yeah, still a lot of problems with the game. The recent patch made it someone better, but still… serious work still needs to be done. I will give them this though — the Gen6 update is a great addition, albeit pretty late.

  3. wii : The Finishing Along With A Twist lmao ;)

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