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We’ve previously reported on how sports gaming companies run their social media accounts during big news in their respective sports. The Madden team is quick on the ball, posting screenshots of athletes in their new jerseys after a trade has been announced, and the NHL team is starting to do the same. If you follow MLB: The Show’s Twitter account, you probably noticed their awesome social strategy this past week. They’re doing a bunch of giveaways today, but the big thing that’s catching eyes is their Vine approach. Here’s how it works:

The MLB: The Show team surprised a number of their fans on Twitter with custom created baseball cards, using the popular social app called Vine. These cards are animated in a six-second video clip, and are based off the likeness of the fans’ Twitter avatar. They also feature the fan playing for their favorite team (see the example of Twitter user Jack Pattillo, fan of the Texas Rangers below).

This is the first time I’ve seen something like this, and it’s an awesome way to create hype, and to add a sense of community to your brand.

If you want a chance to have your own baseball card created by the Show team, follow their Twitter over at @MLBTheShow.