If you live in the Vancouver area, this may be of interest to you. Hell, even if you don’t live in the Vancouver area, this is still interesting. EA Canada sent out a survey this morning, asking users sports game related questions, but pay close attention to the NBA-related ones:


Looks like they’re looking for “extreme” players to test out some of their new products, which may very likely be their NBA game that they’ve delayed for the last couple years. It’s going to be interesting to see if EA can get themselves back in the NBA market, a spot that 2K Sports has taken over and ran with.

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  1. I know Im in the VAST minority, but I remember quite enjoying “LIVE10.”

    • Sir, you’re not in the minority at all!? NBA Live is (arguably) the best basketball game(barring a few cliches, but then again no game is perfect). I went out and purchased NBA2K13 only because EA shutdown it’s servers for Live ’10 a couple of months ago, otherwise me & all the others who were enjoying that game four years after its release still would be playing it. 2K series is OK, but it’s no where near as good gameplay as the EA series. 2K is the leading seller only because Live hasn’t released an NBA game since ’10. #bringbacklive

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