Last Friday, we headed to the PlayStation Lounge to talk to cover athlete and Jays outfielder Jose Bautista about MLB 13: The Show. The previous night, he left the game early with a twisted ankle, and we noticed him limping around while going back and forth between interviews at the Lounge. A lot of the usual stock questions were being asked by the networks:

  • How’s the season going so far?
  • Are you adjusting to the Toronto weather yet?
  • Can you sign my jersey? (this really happened… #amateur)

Hearing the same questions over and over gets boring really quick. So we decided, fuck the stock questions… time to have some fun. After the interview was over, he said he had a lot of fun with this. So here you go:


Big thanks to Janine Smith and Ari Xenarios for the invite to the PlayStation lounge.

Comments (6)

  1. Scott Lewis tossing the controller after the K = priceless. Good interview!

  2. I can’t wait to see that Lewis/Bautista showdown. I bet it produces one epic bat flip on the part of Bautista after he goes yard.

  3. Jays picked to win on paper. 2-5 start, not looking like a team to win it all right now, I know its early but when the media and baseball experts hype them up so much, you don’t expect them to start out this way. Last in their division. I hope they find chemistry quick and start playing better or we will see them once again watching the playoffs instead of playing in them.

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