5:42 AM: What’s going on, we’re up to cover the launch of NHL 14’s trailer and exclusives. I heard from my insiders at EA Sports (lol, I sound like Adam Schefter) that a trailer and more info will be released at around 6:00 AM so let’s see what’s doing. In the meantime, here’s the screenshot that EA released on Friday featuring the Leafs and the Canadiens:


6:02 AM: Nothing yet, killing the F5 button right now.

6:03 AM: It is here! Impressions later:

6:10 AM: Alright, so after a few watches, looks like EA Sports went with the ol’ real life / gameplay trailer, which I’m personally not a fan of. Show off your game as much as you can is my opinion. However, I see what they’re trying to do with their editing, and it looks alright.

6:12 AM: The gameplay doesn’t look much difference other than the more detailed crowd. Especially fans rocking throwback jerseys which is pretty cool. Is that in previous versions of NHL? I don’t remember.

6:30 AM: We also just put up a new post explaining the 6 new features in NHL 14, so give that a read.

Alright, so your thoughts?

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  1. The throwback jerseys are there in 13. I always see them especially as the Jets.

  2. If you complained alot about 13 be ready for another yr of complaints

  3. I want to know if they will fix the Be A GM mode. I don’t really play Be A Pro, and don’t have time for EASHL

  4. I hope they fix the goalies on nhl 14. The 45 degrees pass dont work on nhl 13. I think nhl 12 was better game than nhl 13

  5. I don’t think we really need the “Live The Life” feature. i think its stupid, misewell add the sims with the dam game too. i think instead of that they should have added line changes during EASHL online.

  6. NHL 14 is going to be awesome and i can’t wait to get it the day it comes out

  7. i dont like the fact that they are focusing on revamping the fighting. burns out pretty quick, revamp or fix something else

  8. This trailer is stupid, it shows nothing, it just shows reall life NHL plays. It shows like 4-5 little clips of NHL 14….

  9. EASHL Is amazing!!! whats with the 12 hr cooldown thing, thats really stupid. they should really fix that in 14, it would be waaay better…

  10. I didn’t like how in NHL 12 and 13 if you got hardly hit your guy would fall right down and take seconds to get up which is so unrealistic because if you watch an NHL game someone rarely gets knocked down. I hope they make this adjustment in NHL 14

  11. why dont you shut up jacob

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