5:42 AM: What’s going on, we’re up to cover the launch of NHL 14’s trailer and exclusives. I heard from my insiders at EA Sports (lol, I sound like Adam Schefter) that a trailer and more info will be released at around 6:00 AM so let’s see what’s doing. In the meantime, here’s the screenshot that EA released on Friday featuring the Leafs and the Canadiens:


6:02 AM: Nothing yet, killing the F5 button right now.

6:03 AM: It is here! Impressions later:

6:10 AM: Alright, so after a few watches, looks like EA Sports went with the ol’ real life / gameplay trailer, which I’m personally not a fan of. Show off your game as much as you can is my opinion. However, I see what they’re trying to do with their editing, and it looks alright.

6:12 AM: The gameplay doesn’t look much difference other than the more detailed crowd. Especially fans rocking throwback jerseys which is pretty cool. Is that in previous versions of NHL? I don’t remember.

6:30 AM: We also just put up a new post explaining the 6 new features in NHL 14, so give that a read.

Alright, so your thoughts?