We’re well underway into the first round of the NBA Playoffs, so why not simulate the entire thing via NBA 2K13? We inputted all the teams, and after the first round, OKC beat Houston 4-0, Memphis upset the Clippers 4-2, Golden State swept the Nuggets 4-0, Lakers and Spurs went to game 7, but Lakers pulled through 4-3. On the Eastern side, it’s all sweeps: Heat over Bucks, Nets over Bulls, Hawks over Pacers, and Knicks over the Celtics. Here are your stats:



Let’s check out Round 2. OKC swept Memphis, Warriors over Lakers, Heat over the Nets and the Knicks over the Hawks 4-1.



And for the semi-finals. OKC beat the Warriors and Heat over the Knicks, so it’s an OKC/Heat rematch in the Finals.



Now for the finals between OKC and the Miami Heat, and it reaches a 7th game. So who wins?

Your finals stats:


Comments (6)

  1. What a terrible simulation…

  2. LOL goldenstate in the western finals ahhahaha

  3. Ya crazy “!!! Heat will win championship for the next 3 years at least……n how rock gonna win it all with no Westbrook…… fuck out of here with that BS

  4. U suck that was terriblecause the Warriors are gonna win

  5. no westbrook no ring

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