Alright so the playoffs are set to begin tomorrow night, so we put all 16 teams through the ringer in NHL 13 and here’s how it fared:

Round 1: In the Western Conference, Chicago over Minnesota 4-2, Detroit over Anaheim 4-2, Kings over the Blues 4-2 and it took 7 games for San Jose to finish off Vancouver, 4-3. In the East, Pittsburgh over the Islanders 4-2, Canadiens over the Sens 4-2, Rangers over the Capitals 4-1 and apologizes to all the Leafs fans, but Boston handled the Leafs 4-2.


Round 2: The second round saw some sweeps, with the Blackhawks shutting out the Redwings and the Penguins sweeping the Rangers. Montreal beat Boston 4-1, and the Kings beat the Sharks in 7.


Semi-finals: In another 7-game Western series, the Kings defeated the Blackhawks, and in the East, the Penguins handled the Canadiens with ease 4-2.


Stanley Cup: It came down to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the L.A. Kings, and Pittsburgh had a 2-1 lead, when all of a sudden Sidney Crosby got a fractured ankle and was shelved for the rest of the Stanley Cup finals. Could Pittsburgh overcome and still win the Stanley Cup?



Indeed. The Pittsburgh Penguins are your Stanley Cup Champs, and here are your final stats:

Goals Assists Points
M. Richards (13) A. Kopitar (15) M. Richards (20)
J. Carter (10) D. Brown (13) E. Malkin (20)
J. Iginla (9) J. Thornton (12) A. Kopitar (20)
M. Havlat (8) E. Malkin (12) J. Carter (19)
E. Malkin (8) J. Williams (12) J. Williams (17)

Goalie stats:

Wins Save %
M. Fleury (16) T. Rask (94.35%)
J. Quick (13) M. Fleury (93.97%)
C. Crawford (11) R. Luongo (93.46)
C. Price (9) C. Price (93.42%)
A. Niemi (6) N. Backstrom (93.37)

The final playoff tree (click to enlarge):