The first of three NHL 14 Developer Diaries came out this morning, highlighting NHL 14’s new Collision Physics. If you’re a fan of the FIFA series, you’ll know about the Player Impact Engine, which provides more realistic contact between players. In NHL 14, there’ll be a new left-stick control scheme to make hitting much simpler. Check out the video from EA Sports’ producer Sean Ramjagsingh:

Plus, some GIFs showing off the Collision Physics. LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR:

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  1. They need to tweak the hitting, not enhance it. The thing that made NHL13 so frustrating was the imbalance in the AI – I would get 145 points in my rookie season with Be a Pro on All-Star mode and subsequently the AI would seemingly score goals with such precision and ease. To go along with the AI issues, was the hitting. My player would go down on any and all hits to the body and would knock me down, even when getting hit from behind while I had the puck. Not only that, but opposing players usually finish their checks seconds after I have dished the puck without any repercussions.

    I hope some of these issues are fixed with the new hitting mechanics.

  2. will there be more customization for goalie and players

  3. and plz change the poke cheek to diffident butin

  4. Looks really cool so far can’t wait

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