It’s Friday afternoon aka time to head over to YouTube and check out some game glitches for humor. These were some of the best recent one’s that we’ve come across, so feel free to send us some of your favorite glitches via Twitter.

The long and awkward fall (NHL 13)

The floating football (Madden 13)

Duck to Jesus (NHL 13)

The floating bat (MLB: The Show 13)

The Maple Leaf awkward landing (NHL 13)

The breakdancing check (NHL 13)

The Maple Leaf flying check (NHL 13)

The floating net (NHL 13)

Comments (6)

  1. Don’t kill me! These are hilarious! Lmmfao here @ Kennedy falling forward then backwards wit his skates up lol, Phaneuf smashing Kindl into spinning on his head lmao, Bozak falling on his head then flipping over to his feet Lmfao!

  2. The floating net is the best because everyone on the ice is ignoring it.

  3. How about Barry Sanders’-esque balance on ice?

  4. Oh man…classic…can’t stop laughing…absolutely classic!!!

  5. holy hell these are all so fantastic

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