Microsoft has some questions to answer (which they probably won’t) about their new console. With their announcement starting now, we’ll keep you covered with the news. WARNING: We focus on sports here at Franchise Mode, so we’ll only be reporting on consoles and sports games. You can also follow us on Twitter for quicker updates. Here we go.

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2:05PM ET

Well, for a sports gaming blog, that was not an interesting presser. Stay tuned to the 4:00 EA Sports blog, should be a grand ol’ time.

1:55PM ET

Xbox One will launch in November… MSRP $499.

1:31PM ET

Microsoft will be moving away from their MS points system, and switching to actual currency. This move is expected to take place later this year.

1:12PM ET

There really isn’t much sports related games being announced here it seems. This liveblog might’ve been a mistake. EA Sports IS doing their press conference at 4:00pm ET though, which will be more insightful than this one.

12:48PM ET

The Xbox 360 has a new “smaller sleeker and quieter than ever” console design, available beginning today, said Microsoft. Here it is:

12:46PM ET

If you have an XBOX Live Gold account, Microsoft will now offer you 2 free game downloads a month.