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  1. I disagree, but I’m probably biased. I do all my gaming on my 360, while my PS3 mostly collects dust, because I can’t stand the PSN’s setup, particularly the lack of a party system. The PS4 looks like a huge leap forward there, but still doesn’t bring it to feature parity.

    I also liked the look of the Xbox games more, but that’s purely subjective. The $100 difference is attractive, but I’d end up buying the Eye anyway and that would add another $60.

    I’m sure I’ll end up buying a PS4 in a year or two when the price drops, just like I did with the PS3. It’s nice to see that it at least looks like I’d actually use it for gaming this time.

    • This is a reaction more to the online connectivity rules that Microsoft has implemented, less about the actual games.

      • Oh, well in that case I just really don’t care. I don’t buy used games, and I’m always connected to the internet, so none of it affects me at all.

        I guess I can see the internet thing being a problem for a small subset of gamers, but I think most gamers in Canada have some sort of internet access by now.

  2. Ya most people have internet, but alot of people have occasional wifi problems some people even frequent. When there wifi is being fucked on them, they cant play their system. That is fucking dumb

    • People have to connect once every 24 hours. If your wifi is so fucked that you can’t connect to the internet once every 24 hours, maybe you should get that looked at.

  3. Not that it will be happening every day, but yes i know people who have lost wifi connection for a day even 2 to 3.. So ya just not being able to play for those days even would suck ass. It makes no sense why you have to connect to live to play regular games on the system.

    • On a regular basis? If it happens once or twice a year, then it would be a nuisance, but hardly the end of the world. My internet once died for a couple of days when Rogers cut the cable by accident. It sucked, but I went out, and it was only a couple of days. I got over it.

      There are a couple of reasons why they make you connect to Live. The biggest is so you don’t have to put discs in your console. If you didn’t have to connect to Live, you could rip the game to your Xbox and then give it to your friends, who could all do the same. Even if they required the disc to be in disconnected consoles, you could still rip the game to one console, using the license, and then play off the disc in another.

      There are a small minority of people in Canada who will be affected by this. Over 80% of Canadians have internet access, and I bet that percentage is substantially higher when you limit it to Canadians who might buy an Xbox. For those remaining people, that really sucks, and the PS4 is probably for you. For the vast majority, it probably doesn’t matter.

      • What happens if you want to play your console at the cottage? Also you can’t buy used games or lend games out anymore… Feels to me like Microsoft is screwing over the consumer. Not to mention psn is free and the the ps4 has far better hardware….

        • Tether your phone? Bring a last-gen console? Watch a movie? Play a board game? Go outside, because it’s a damn cottage?

          • Listen to yourselves. You are correct; XBox One will not be the fist sign of the apocalypse. The rivers will not run red with blood. But it sounds like a really inconvenient way to do something that should be incredibly simple.

            You know what the great thing about the XBox 360 is? I can go literally anywhere, plug it in, and play a video game. Takes about 3 minutes. I go on the internet for a lot of things, but playing videogames isn’t one of them. I can play Fallout just fine without checking my fantasy football lineup, thanks anyway Microsoft. PS4 it is.

        • PSN is NOT free on the PS4, the hardware difference is negligible, and you’re at your COTTAGE. Isn’t that the place where you’re supposed to be taking a break from your television?

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