To the surprise of no one, Martin Brodeur is your cover athlete for NHL 14, making him the first goalie on the cover since John Vanbiesbrouck in ’97. Congrats to Marty!

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  1. Congrats to Marty! You know what would be a great addition to NHL 14, real goalie masks. I believe the last game to include authentic goalie masks was NHL 2003. Since then only generic team coloured masks have been available. I don’t know if EA has to pay gratuities to the artist or something, but come on guys make it happen. If they can’t do that then a mask art creator would suffice. Let players create masks like a car paint editor in need for speed. Hold an online contest for a prize. Something to allow the players a little more customization would be great. GO LEAFS GO!

  2. In fact, EA would have to pay each of the helmets individual artists. And since so many goalies have personal friends paint for them, it’s not that easy for the NHL deal makers. I believe the excuse for not having a custom helmet paint editor is overall laziness. I hope the loading times are faster in NHL14.

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