It hasn’t been all that long since 1990s’ wrestling superstar the Ultimate Warrior has appeared in a video game, but the former WWE Intercontinental and Heavyweight champion will be included in the WWE 2K series for the first time as part of pre-order exclusive promotion for WWE 2K14.

Limiting Warrior (now the legal name of Jim Hellwig) as a pre-order exclusive is a bit of letdown, but 2K Sports is pulling out all the stops by dropping a 90-second promo featuring the man himself. It appears as though the Ultimate Warrior’s physique is as natural looking as it ever was… right?

The Ultimate Warrior has been a playable character as recently as THQ’s button-mashers WWE All-Stars (2011) and Legends of Wrestlemania (2009). This year’s release marks the first in the series from 2K Sports, who took over the franchise from THQ out of bankruptcy. The Ultimate Warrior was featured in several console games released throughout the 90s, and he was also included in the 1991 arcade classic, WWF WrestleFest.

WWE 2K14 hits shelves on October 29 in North Americ.

Via Kotaku