Well, this is the end. This week, we took a look at the top 50-rated players in the upcoming NHL 14 for XBOX 360 and PS3. As we get set for release date (September 10), EA Sports did us a solid and provided us with an exclusive look at the top rated players in this year’s game. Each day this week at 1:00pm, we be released 10 names, starting from 50, and today we wind down to the top spots. It’s been fun. Here we go:

10. Jonathan Quick (LAK) – OVR 91


9. Ryan Suter (MIN) – OVR 92


8. Shea Weber (NSH) – OVR 92


7. Jonathan Toews (CHI) – OVR 92


6. Evgeni Malkin (PIT) – OVR 92


5. Steven Stamkos (TBL) – OVR 92


4. Zdeno Chara (BOS) – OVR 94


3. Alex Ovechkin (WSH) – OVR 94


2. Pavel Datsyuk (DET) – OVR 95


1. Sidney Crosby (PIT) – OVR 95


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And while you’re at it, download the demo for NHL 14 on XBOX 360 and PS3. Here’s the trailer:

Comments (18)

  1. So your telling me that Crosby is as good as Toews, Bergeron, Datsyuk on defense. Please explain….. I would love to hear that. Also Malkin, Stamkos arent on Giroux’s level defensively. These ratings are so biased

  2. How does the ratings work… Suter is 92 but he has no individual stats that are at least 92 and up… that aint overall for shizzle

  3. Zdeno Chara has the HARDEST Slap Shot of ALL-TIME.
    Slap Shot Power: 95

    Shea Weber has the second hardest shot of the league.
    Slap Shot Power: 95


    Oh, and Crosby’s Slap Shot is supposedly as hard as Ovechkin… 91???

  4. Lol they have datsyuk faster than crosby? Crosby would obliterate datsyuk in a race

  5. As I said in the previous list.. Chara should NOT be a 94 overall. Suter should not be a 92, admittedly neither should Weber.. Most of the defensive ratings are too high for the wrong players.

  6. theirs no one at 93 overall? Giroux should be there

  7. you have all just been diagnosed with video game autism

  8. In a category that is labeled “Puck Skills” someone please tell me how Crosby has 95 ratings across the board and Datsyuk does not. If anything Pavel should have the best deking rating as well as puck control and hand eye. When you put a player that arguably has the best puck skills of anyone the game as ever seen at the same rating as Sid and Ovi, that’s a joke in my eyes. You want to give Sid a better passing rating, sure, but not deking.


    how the frig does someone put him as 92????? Dont understand these

  10. HAHAHA HOW THE F*#% is Chara the HIGHEST RATED DMAN…if anyone with common sense and ACTUAL hockey knowledge would like to explain how he was far superior to Suter, Weber, Letang or even Subban (Norris Trophy winner) then be my guest.

    This is pathetic. Good thing they have ‘dynamic ratings’ this year…Chara INSTANTLY drops to an 86-87 in my eyes.

  11. At least Datsyuk is finally getting recognized for how killer he is. True though, his puck skills and deking should be way higher than Crosby’s. Fucking hilarious that Chara is considered the best d-man in the league too. I guess we’ll see how dynamic ratings affect these…

  12. ya sure, Ryan Suter 92 ???? not even one of his stat is 92, then a player like Karlsson doesnt even hit the 90′s ?????

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