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Sony has released a title update for MLB 13: The Show, which includes numerous fixes to art, online play, backend functions, and several hiccups. Below is a breakdown of all the fixes and changes, via MLB The Show Nation:

- In offline and online games, there was an occasional hitch/millisecond delay just as the pitcher would release the pitch. This was reported with a frequency ranging from approximately 10%

- 40%. The title was writing data to the HDD at this point, causing the brief, but noticeable hiccup in the gameplay. When the title writes to the HDD has been adjusted, and this hitch/delay will no longer occur.

- Franchise Fantasy Draft blank screen in Standard Def only. This was reported with a 100% frequency. In a Franchise mode, when performing a Fantasy Draft, the first round worked correctly. Every round after the first round would have a blank list of available players and drafted players. User could scroll through the empty list and choose players, but the player names were invisible. This was standard definition only. This has been fixed.

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Not that you’d have to tell anyone around there parts that NHL ’94 is still BAWSE. The 20-year old game remains EA Sports’ landmark hockey game even after all these years. ran a neat feature on NHL ’94 with modern day hockey game producers and current NHLers running down their memories of the classic. What kind of NHL ’94 tribute would be complete without its most heralded star chiming in? Jeremy Roenick on his own virtual stardom, via

“It’s the No. 1 comment that is made to me over the course of every day, whether it’s over Twitter or meeting on the street. Whatever the case may be, I would say one out of three people I meet mention ’94 Sega,” Roenick told “They say one of three things: One, ‘You couldn’t beat the Chicago Blackhawks [in the game] because of Jeremy Roenick.’ No. 2, ‘I got through college playing Jeremy Roenick in ’94 Sega.’ The third is it was a rule that you couldn’t be the Chicago Blackhawks in the game, because they were that unstoppable.

That still happens almost daily.”


The Atlanta Braves created a wave of controversy earlier this winter when sketches of a new batting practice cap for 2013 displayed the club’s “screaming indian” logo. The Braves haves since introduced a less polarizing cap, and refuted reports that the club had made a final decision on the “screaming indian” emblem. It appears as though the decision to go with a more traditional “A” logo may have been made too late for Sony to include it the initial release of MLB 13: The Show. An Operation Sports community member snagged screenshots of all 30 caps, including the “screaming indian” lid pictured above.

This is likely just a case of game developers working with old information, as it was just February 11 when the Braves made an official announcement on their new batting practice cap. Designs featuring the offensive logo first appeared in late December. Hopefully it’s something that Sony can fix with a title update upon the game’s release.

MLB 13: The Show drops on March 5. Screenshots of all 30 MLB batting practice caps can be viewed at Operation Sports.

Image via Operation Sports


In an effort to provide a little more variety to its Road to the Show game mode, MLB 13 The Show will introduce seven new minor league parks. The stadium pictured above is Stateman Park and it runs 336-feet down the lines and 390-feet to centerfield.


The second park previewed, pictured above, is Bayfront Park. Via the game’s dev. journal:

“The background idea for Bayfront Park comes from viewing the Santa Monica Pier, which features a Ferris Wheel displaying a fantastic light show as it rotates around. Kevin decided to incorporate the west coast look of the Santa Monica Pier, blended with a Coney Island style for the unique background you see beyond the right field wall.”

Bayfront Park runs 330-feet down the left and right field lines, 390-feet to left and right center, and 403-feet to center field. By our count, the addition of seven new minor league parks raises the total to 26.

Via MLB The Show Nation