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We’ve previously reported on how sports gaming companies run their social media accounts during big news in their respective sports. The Madden team is quick on the ball, posting screenshots of athletes in their new jerseys after a trade has been announced, and the NHL team is starting to do the same. If you follow MLB: The Show’s Twitter account, you probably noticed their awesome social strategy this past week. They’re doing a bunch of giveaways today, but the big thing that’s catching eyes is their Vine approach. Here’s how it works:

The MLB: The Show team surprised a number of their fans on Twitter with custom created baseball cards, using the popular social app called Vine. These cards are animated in a six-second video clip, and are based off the likeness of the fans’ Twitter avatar. They also feature the fan playing for their favorite team (see the example of Twitter user Jack Pattillo, fan of the Texas Rangers below).

This is the first time I’ve seen something like this, and it’s an awesome way to create hype, and to add a sense of community to your brand.

If you want a chance to have your own baseball card created by the Show team, follow their Twitter over at @MLBTheShow.


A new roster update is out for MLB 13: The Show, just in time for the baseball’s opening day. Justin Hampton and Rafael Perez have been added to the game, and there are 250 player moments in total for this update. Some of the roster changes include:

  • Adam Eaton (ARI): Sent down to the minors
  • Aroldis Chapman (CIN): Moved from starting to closer
  • Ben Francisco (NYY): Traded from the Indians to the Yankees
  • Brennan Boesch (NYY): Traded from the Tigers to the Yankees
  • Brett Lawrie (TOR): Sent down to the minors
  • Chris Snyder (LAA): Traded from the Nationals to the Angels
  • David Ortiz (BOS): Sent down to the minors
  • Derek Jeter (NYY): Sent down to the minors
  • Derek Lowe (TEX): Signed to the Texas Rangers
  • Gerardo Parra (ARI): Off the bench, now a starter
  • J.A. Happ (TOR): Brought up from the minors
  • Jason Giambi (CLE): Sent down to the minors
  • Jason Motte (STL): Sent down to the minors
  • Jeff Niemann (TB): Moved from starting to relief
  • Johan Santana (NYM): Sent down to the minors
  • Jonathan Broxton (CIN): Moved from closer to relief
  • Jonny Venters (ATL): Sent down to the minors
  • Jordan Scahfer (ATL): Brought up from the minors
  • Jose Iglesias (BOS): Brought up from the minors
  • Kyle Lohse (MIL): Signed to the Brewers
  • Lyle Overbay (NYY): Traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees
  • Maicer Izturis (TOR): Off the bench, now a starter
  • Mark Teixeira (NYY): Sent down to the minors
  • Mike Carp (BOS): Off the bench, now a starter
  • Mitchell Boggs (STL): Moved to the closer position
  • Phil Hughes (NYY): Sent down to the minors
  • Rick Ankiel (HOU): Off the bench, now a starter
  • Ricky Romero (TOR): Sent down to the minors
  • Roberto Hernandez (TB): Moved from relief to starting
  • Ronny Cedeno (HOU): Traded from the Cardinals to the Astros
  • Stephen Drew (BOS): Sent down to the minors
  • Vernon Wells (NYY): Traded from the Angels to the Yankees
  • Yuniesky Betancourt (MIL): Traded from the Phillies minors to the Brewers

Pop the game in, a message will prompt you to download the updated roster.


Sony has released a title update for MLB 13: The Show, which includes numerous fixes to art, online play, backend functions, and several hiccups. Below is a breakdown of all the fixes and changes, via MLB The Show Nation:

- In offline and online games, there was an occasional hitch/millisecond delay just as the pitcher would release the pitch. This was reported with a frequency ranging from approximately 10%

- 40%. The title was writing data to the HDD at this point, causing the brief, but noticeable hiccup in the gameplay. When the title writes to the HDD has been adjusted, and this hitch/delay will no longer occur.

- Franchise Fantasy Draft blank screen in Standard Def only. This was reported with a 100% frequency. In a Franchise mode, when performing a Fantasy Draft, the first round worked correctly. Every round after the first round would have a blank list of available players and drafted players. User could scroll through the empty list and choose players, but the player names were invisible. This was standard definition only. This has been fixed.

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During today’s Wedbush Technology Conference, EA Sports CFO Blake Jorgensen said that they are considering adding “a couple of new sports franchises” to their sports gaming repertoire.

What are the games that’ll be added? No mention was made as to which ones, but we can investigate. Sony and 2K Sports currently hold the MLB license, but it’s widely rumored that MLB 2K13 will be the final baseball game of the franchise. Because Sony’s The Show franchise is only on the PlayStation, this leaves the XBOX (and PS3) market wide open for EA.

Eutechnyx currently holds the NASCAR license, but their two releases (NASCAR: The Game and NASCAR: Inside Line) have not gotten great reviews, and are not reaching their potential for a racing game.

There was some talk a few years ago about EA Sports developing an MLS game, separate from their successful FIFA franchise, so it could also be that. Whatever the case, we’ll keep you posted.

It’s been a couple months since the launch of Franchise Mode, and while we’ve started a great following on Twitter, our Facebook page is looking like a dead zone. So why not head over there and like our page for a chance to win the new MLB 13: The Show for the PS Vita. The contest starts now, and closes when we announce a winner on Friday evening (around 5:00pm ET).

Below is a link to our Franchise Mode Facebook page. Good luck!



Because MLB 2K13 did absolutely nothing different than MLB 2K12, we didn’t feel the need to write a review. So here’s last year’s review, with the appropriate edits. Enjoy.


What better way to celebrate a launch of a new game than GIFs of their failures! Here are some of the glitches users have discovered so far:

Also, shoutout to 2K Sports for accurately portraying Jose Bautista’s wrist injury: