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For many college football fans, EA Sports’ NCAA Football title has come to represent something of a disunion when it comes to gaming. The lone college football franchise grew stagnant with last year’s release, which offered little in the way of updated gameplay and design. The same old running and blocking problems plagued NCAA Football 13, and the continuing disarray on the defensive side of the ball was enough to push a lot of devoted gamers to the brink of breakup with the title.

EA Sports would have to deliver something new with NCAA Football 14 in order to retain its audience, and if the game’s demo is any indication, then it appears as though college football fans may finally receive the game they have desired for so long.

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These last couple days have been E3 hangover, but we have a bunch of info about NCAA Football 14 news, so we’ll put it all in one post. First of all, let’s talk about the demo. It’s set to arrive next week Tuesday (June 18) for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. You’ll be able to play a full game with 3 minute quarters, but the teams you’re able to use haven’t been announced yet.

This is not a major deal, but the EA Sports team has focused on the uniform degradation throughout the game. This screenshot below shows off their realistic approach to what it’s like playing on grass in inclement weather:


Now for the gameplay. OS took a vid of their E3 experience playing NCAA, so give it a watch to see actual gameplay footage:

As we await E3 next week, here’s some early footage of NCAA 14 gameplay. Check out LSU take on Texas A&M in this quick 1 minute clip. More info to come at E3 obviously.


NCAA Football 14 released another Playbook video this morning, focusing on one of the game’s most popular features: Dynasty Mode. 2 new aspects have been added to the mode: Coach Skills and Power Recruiting.

Coach skills allow you to build your team in whatever way you want. Win games to earn skill points to enhance recruiting and game management, and keep on levelling up to dominate your recruiting process. You’re also able to give your recruits the “Royal Treatment”, which grants a bonus whenever a prospect makes a campus visit.

Power Recruiting streamlines the process for scouting and wooing new players, without sacrificing any of the depth fans have come to expect. Rather than using the phone call method of recruiting, players now distribute recruiting points that will determine how stridently they pursue a given player.

Some new NCAA 14 screenshots have been released, featuring ‘Bama, Texas and OU. Nothing really groundbreaking here, but one thing I noticed is that the end zones in the Cotton Bowl are reversed. Minor detail that I’m sure nobody cares about.






One thing that’s annoying about football games is the lack of camera angles you can choose. Whether you’re on offense or defense, sometimes you want to see your entire team (or the opposing team) on the field at once. Madden recently fixed this issue by adding in “zoomed” and “wide” angles, but now,  NCAA 14 is helping fix this problem with another angle: “coordinator” view. Here are the three differences.



Hopefully we’ll see all 3 in the Madden franchise as well.


Here’s your first look at EA Sports’ NCAA Football 14 featuring former Michigan Wolverines QB/WR Denard Robinson. The game is set to release on Tuesday, July 9th for the XBOX 360 and PS3.