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Remember when he was on the cover of Madden NFL 2004? IMO, one of the best Madden’s of all-time, but I’m going off-topic. The Michael Vick comeback story isn’t going so great in the NFL, but he’s still somewhat of a household name (maybe not for all of the right reasons).

Vick has come out with a mobile game called “Mike Vick: GameTime”, an offense only 4-on-4 touch based football game. I tried it out today, and while the graphics aren’t great, it’s still a fun and quick way to pass the time.

Basically you’re the QB, and have 3 wide receivers to pass to. The more touchdowns the score, the more money you get. The more money you get, the more you can upgrade your players and become a better team. The one thing that I found annoying about the game was the fact that you had to pay for more plays in the playbook, but in this era of gamification, it’s expected.

Here are some screenshots:




We don’t really have more info other than these screenshots, but check out these 2 pics that Dave Thompson (Executive Producer at Eutechnyx) tweeted out of NASCAR The Game for mobile. I reached out to Dave, and he said he’d have more info in about a month, so stay tuned for some exclusive info in a few weeks: