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So you buy a used EA Sports game, and you want to go online to download updates or play with friends. All of a sudden, you’re hit with a $14.99 charge to access these features. Introduced in 2010, the EA online pass system is now no longer. Why was the service initially launched? They thought it was going to be a way to make money to combat used game sales, and people who pirate their games.

“Initially launched as an effort to package a full menu of online content and services, many players didn’t respond to the format,” said EA corporate communications director John Reseburg said. “We’ve listened to the feedback and decided to do away with it moving forward.”

If you’re a gamer who buys used games, or a pirater who downloads your games, REJOICE.


NBA 2K13 provided us with a timely roster update over the weekend, just in time for the playoffs. While this roster update features 7 player edits, there are still 20 players missing, 1 head coach not updated, 5 incorrect lineups and 4 inaccurate injuries. Here are the details:

  • Aaron Brooks (HOU): -2, (76 OVR)
  • Carmelo Anthony (NYK): +3 (94 OVR)
  • Evan Fournier (DEN): +8 (66 OVR)
  • Manu Ginobilu (SA): Returns from injury (86 OVR)
  • Nate Robinson (CHI): +4 (82 OVR)
  • Quentin Richardson (NYK): Added to the Knicks (70 OVR)
  • Roy Hibbert (IND): +3 (79 OVR)
  • Shannon Brown (PHX): -2 (74 OVR)
  • Stephen Curry (GSW): +2 (87 OVR)
  • Steve Nash (LAL): Returns from injury (82 OVR)
  • Tracy McGrady (SA): Added to the Spurs (72 OVR)

Players still missing from the game are: Aron Baynes (SA), Ben Hansbrough (IND), Chris Johnson (MIN), Chris Wright (DAL), Diante Garrett (PHX), Jarvis Varnado (MIA), Julyan Stone (DEN), Kent Bazemore (GSW), Kevin Jones (CLE), Kevin Murphy (UTA), Malcolm Thomas (GSW), Mickael Gelabale (MIN), Shavlik Randdolph (BOS), Terrel Harris (NWO) and Tim Ohlbrecht (HOU)


We’re a couple days late on this, but there was another NBA 2K13 roster update that came out over the weekend. There are a ton of changes, mostly injury based, so this is a lengthier list than usual. Here we go:

  • Rodrigue Beaubois (DAL): Injured, -12 (61 OVR)
  • Raja Bell: Added to free agents
  • Chase Budinger (MIN): Returns from injury (71 OVR)
  • Caron Butler (LAC): Returns from injury (81 OVR)
  • Tyson Chandler (NYK): Injured, -11 (66 OVR)
  • Wilson Chandler (DEN): Injured, -12 (68 OVR)
  • Victor Claver (POR): Injured, -18 (44 OVR)
  • Pau Gasol (LAL): Returns from injury (81 OVR)
  • Taj Gibson (CHI): Returns from injury (76 OVR)
  • Brendan Haywood (CHA): Injured, -12 (56 OVR)
  • Kirk Hinrich (CHI): Returns from injury (73 OVR)
  • Ersan Ilyasova (MIL): Injured, -11 (64 OVR)
  • Brandon Knight: Returns from injury (76 OVR)
  • Shawn Marion (DAL): Returns from injury (79 OVR)
  • Cartier Martin (WAS): Returns from injury (67 OVR)
  • Tony Parker (SA): Returns from injury (87 OVR)
  • Nikola Pekovic (MIN): Returns from injury (78 OVR)
  • Mickael Pietrus (TOR): Returns from injury (72 OVR)
  • Chris Quinn (CLE): Added to roster, (56 OVR)
  • Luc Richard Mbah A Moute (MIL): Injured, -5 (64 OVR)
  • Dion Waiters (CLE): Injured, -11 (66 OVR)
  • David West (IND): Injured, -7 (74 OVR)
  • Royce White (HOU): Injured, -10 (57 OVR)

Still missing from the game are: Aron Baynes (SA), Kent Bazemore (GSW), Diante Garrett (PHX), Mickael Gelabale (MIN), Ben Hansbrough (IND), Terrel Harris (NWO), Chris Johnson (MIN), Kevin Jones (CLE), Kevin Murphy (UTA), Tim Ohlbrecht (HOU), Shavlik Randdolph (BOS), Julyan Stone (DEN), Malcolm Thomas (GSW), Jarvis Varnado (MIA), Chris Wright (DAL)


A new soccer simulation is set to debut next month for PC called “Lords of Football”. From the trailer, it looks like a mix of The Sims plus a little NFL Head Coach, but this has some potential to be entertaining / addicting. From the trailer, it looks like you can manage all aspects of your team – on and off the pitch.

Based on some of the screenshots, we have no idea what the hell is going on, but it sure is amusing. Here’s the trailer:

From the site:

For the first time ever, you have to control your budding new football team 24/7 around the clock in a whole new sports lifestyle game! Played in God Mode, the every day routine of football is brought to life in a fully animated 3D world, simulating all the events and real life dramas that unfold during a football season. Have you got what it takes to join one of the greats and become, a Lord of Football!

Lords of Football drops April 5, 2013.