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Alright, here’s the second important conference of the day: EA Sports. Earlier there was a Microsoft conference, which focused mostly on non-sports gaming, so it was a bit dull for us, but this presentation is the meat and potatoes. We’ll be updating this thread continuously, so be friends with the F5 button, or just follow us on Twitter. We should be seeing a ton of next-gen and current day console footage.

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4:41PM ET

Up next, UFC. Dana White, Jon Bones Jones make an appearance.

  • EA Sports UFC launches worldwide on XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 in the spring of 2014
  • “Full body deformation, no other fighting game brings that” – Andrew Wilson (See image above)
4:36PM ET

Coming up next, FIFA 14. Who other than Drake to present the game. Because when you think FIFA, you think Drake.


  • Massive innovations for FIFA14 next-gen: Pro Instincts, Precision Motion, Elite Technique
  • Elite Technique: 100+ new animations
  • Hundreds of new skills added into FIFA 14 on next-gen
  • True Player Motion: Athleticism of players like Messi comes to life as they explode out of each step and turn.
4:32PM ET

Up next, Madden. Good of them to  feature actual gameplay in their video, unlike the NBA Live Team. BTW, here’s the Madden 25 cover for the next-gen consoles, featuring Adrian Peterson:

4:29PM ET

Kyrie Irving in the building to talk about NBA Live 14.
kyrie600EA Sports #1 objective: realistic dribbling. Introducing it via bounceTek. Ratings and stats for NBA Live 14 will be updated hourly.

4:26PM ET

Alright here comes EA Sports.

4:23PM ET

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul just came out to discuss his new Need For Speed movie. Would’ve appreciated some Breaking Bad trailers tbh. More non-sports trailers being featured now.

4:16PM ET

The first mention of sports gaming, introducing EA Sports’ new Ignite and Frostbite 3 engines, that’ll power their next-gen games. They’re currently talking about Need For Speed: Rivals, something that we don’t cover. So we’re on hold once again.

4:13PM ET

More non-sports gaming up now, Titanfall, their one of many action shooter games.

4:03PM ET

EA Sports pres Peter Moore says “the return of favorites like NBA Live”. I guess that’s one way to put it. EA starts off their presentation with Plants vs. Zombies. Well that’s fun. So I guess we’ll be on a bit of a break for the next few mins.

3:55PM ET

Hearing that EA’s website is down, right before the launch. Talk about bad timing.

Microsoft has some questions to answer (which they probably won’t) about their new console. With their announcement starting now, we’ll keep you covered with the news. WARNING: We focus on sports here at Franchise Mode, so we’ll only be reporting on consoles and sports games. You can also follow us on Twitter for quicker updates. Here we go.

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2:05PM ET

Well, for a sports gaming blog, that was not an interesting presser. Stay tuned to the 4:00 EA Sports blog, should be a grand ol’ time.

1:55PM ET

Xbox One will launch in November… MSRP $499.

1:31PM ET

Microsoft will be moving away from their MS points system, and switching to actual currency. This move is expected to take place later this year.

1:12PM ET

There really isn’t much sports related games being announced here it seems. This liveblog might’ve been a mistake. EA Sports IS doing their press conference at 4:00pm ET though, which will be more insightful than this one.

12:48PM ET

The Xbox 360 has a new “smaller sleeker and quieter than ever” console design, available beginning today, said Microsoft. Here it is:

12:46PM ET

If you have an XBOX Live Gold account, Microsoft will now offer you 2 free game downloads a month.

We here at theScore have all consoles, and each has their positives and negatives. This post is in no way trying to deter your choice on which system to buy, but Microsoft just released a ton of news about their upcoming console, and most of the news is bad. Here’s the concerning news:

  • The Xbox One will need to be connected to the internet every 24 hours when you’re playing on your home console.
  • The Xbox One will need to be connected to the internet every hour if you’re accessing your digital library on somebody else’s control
  • Offline gaming is not possible after these times until you re-establish an internet connection. But you can watch Blu-rays
  • You are allowed to buy used games at “participating retailers”, but only if the game publisher will allow it
  • Xbox Kinect is allowed to be turned off, after fears of it always having to be on surfaced

This is really shitty is for a) gamers that don’t have a constant connection b) gamers who rely on used games due to personal finances and c) what the hell happens if the Microsoft servers have issues? Is your system locked out?


EA Sports uploaded the pic above to their site, showing off UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson (we added his real photo to the right). The game boasts their “unprecedented fighter likeness” that’ll be standard in their UFC game, set to release April 2014.

At the Xbox One reveal a few weeks ago, they showed some pre-rendered footage (see above), but EA states that the rendered image of Henderson is an actual in-game render. More details about the game will be released at E3 next week.


One of the biggest announcements at yesterday’s Microsoft reveal of the Xbox One was their new partnership with the NFL. The technology for this collaboration is brand new, so it has potential to be great, or a disaster.

Here’s how it works: You’ll be able to sync your fantasy account and watch live NFL programming through your XBOX (obviously not free). When somebody scores, updates will be “snapped” to the right side of your screen (see image below). Of course, this is only for U.S. markets right now, but Microsoft has a global rollout plan that they haven’t released info on yet.


But the fantasy football aspect is just the beginning. The deal itself is worth $400 million over 5 years, and Microsoft will also be bringing their technology to the sidelines via Microsoft Surface tablets. The shots of wide receivers huddling around a binder, reviewing their previous drives will be no longer. Most of the paper will be substituted for tablets as early as 2014.

Here are 8 GIFs of pre-rendered cut scenes that EA Sports showed off today, highlighting their new IGNITE game engine . They look good. Not in-game footage, but good. BTW, what is up with the legs in NBA Live?

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2:12PM ET

And that’s it from the Xbox Reveal. We’ll post some more high quality screens in a separate post after Microsoft puts it on-demand.

2:05PM ET

An exclusive look from Wired on the design of the Xbox One:

1:58PM ET

What in the hell is up with Ricky Rubio’s legs?

1:50PM ET

The NFL and Microsoft ALSO teaming up for fantasy football.

1:46PM ET

Lionel Messi in action on the Xbox One:

1:42PM ET

GIF of RGIII in action on the Xbox One:

1:38PM ET

Looks like the XBOX is getting exclusive Ultimate Team content for FIFA 14.

1:30PM ET

FIFA, Madden, UFC, NBA Live (lol) will be developed for release within the next 12 months. No NHL mention.

1:26PM ET

Controller specs.

1:22PM ET

The full specs for anyone interested. Buddy on stage just called it “space-age technology”… chill with that.

1:17PM ET

You’ll be able to live track your sports fantasy teams WHILE watching sports:

1:13PM ET

Here’s how your Xbox One controller looks:

1:07PM ET

Official name: The Xbox One. Here’s how it looks:

1:03PM ET

“For the first time you and your TV are going to have a relationship. It’s going to recognize my voice, my face, etc.” A little creepy.

12:57PM ET

3 minutes away. Before we begin, just wanted to say that by 360 red ringed on me yesterday, while in the second round of a NBA 2K13 Online Association Mode playoffs. THANKS.

12:42PM ET

Seats being filled right now.

12:32PM ET

Touched on this earlier, but we will for sure be seeing how the FIFA franchise looks on the next-gen consoles, but all other games are just rumors. I can also see NBA Live getting some sort of mention as they’re pushing that game for the next-gens.

12:18PM ET

The tent the event will be held in. Looks fun. Or kinds cult-ish. Whatever.

12:11PM ET

Today’s the day Microsoft unveils the next Xbox system, and we are here to cover and rip into every minute of their presentation. There’s a ton of rumors as what we should be expecting, but since we focus more on sports gaming, look for this liveblog to be sports heavy. I’m hearing reports that we’ll be seeing some features from FIFA, UFC, Madden and others. Will try and update as much as possible with timestamps (all timestamps in Eastern time).