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When it comes to new gimmicks each season, Sunday Night Football on NBC is at the top of their class. We remember “NBCEE It”, a zoomed in replay that was never too clear, and the short-lived  “Sunday Night Vision” (see below), a feature which turned the field black, and basically pointless.


Now, NBC is announcing “Matrix”-style replays, new for the upcoming Sunday Night Football on NBC season. Starting on September 8th (Cowboys vs. Giants), 24 cameras will be placed in each endzone, allowing the fans at home to see replays from every angle imaginable. And of course there’ll be iconic spinning that you remember from the Matrix (see GIF at the top).

This should be fun.

We’re back with another glitch post to start off your weekend.

The hit heard ’round the world, and into the stands.

The no-stick glitch.

The random NASCAR crash after no contact glitch.

The scoring on 2 goalie glitch.

The “I get knocked down, but I get up again” glitch.

The 300lbs lineman hits the forcefield while trying to sack a QB glitch.

The into the wall but no catch glitch.

The invisible player glitch.


A tweet has been making the rounds this morning (see below), featuring an Aaron Hernandez card being unlocked in NCAA 14. Because of the timing of the release of NCAA 14 (the game comes out tomorrow), Hernandez is still featured in the game.


EA Sports has quickly acted on the matter, with a message from their spokesperson:

“We made a decision to remove Aaron Hernandez from Madden NFL 25 and NCAA Football 14. Because NCAA Football 14 was finalized prior to our decision, Hernandez’ image still appears in the Nike Skills Trainer. However, he is not in the game, and anyone who unlocks that particular Nike Skills Trainer reward will receive an Alex Smith Ultimate Team player item instead. The image of Hernandez will be removed via a Title Update in the near future.”

He won’t be on the Patriots in the upcoming Madden 14, being released from the team after being charged with first-degree murder. He also won’t even show up on the free agent roster. Smart move by EA.


They might wanna change that wording.


Though Madden boasts about their realism, their roster updates and player ratings aren’t always accurate. This year, the Madden team is introducing “Madden Share”, a feature that allows you share your created content like rosters, playbooks and custom gameplay sliders.

This is good for football gamers because there are always a select group of people who dedicate their time to creating the most accurate rosters, as the moves happen in real life. The feature allows users to rate content, so the best rosters will be featured front and center.


Madden 25 is quickly approaching, and while they’ve been putting out Developer Diaries, there’s still not a lot of info discussed about the details of the game. Virtual Sports Network recently spoke with EA Sports Creative Director Mike Young, and here are some new details about the game you might be interested in. (Thanks to Operation Sports for the recap):

  • The Presentation playbook went away this year, but that doesn’t mean the team hasn’t been working hard on it.
  • Year 2 with Nance and Simms adds more depth in commentary, especially in career mode, more details on that at a later date.
  • Replays feel more human, varied and specific to the types of plays. Using real cameras, from the real locations in the stadiums (framing, timing, etc.)
  • New animated tickers, banners, feels more like a broadcast.
  • Added more team chants, first down and stadium sounds, since they went to many stadiums with Jim and Phil and grabbed live recordings.
  • More authentic tracks from various stadiums. Redone referee audio.
  • If you move your team, commentators will talk about that.
  • New sideline reporter has been added, will talk about that later.
  • Adam Schefter is still in the virtual news feed, breaking story lines, but he has also been added to the draft commentary.
  • When the draft is running, Trey Wingo is the host and Adam talks about the outlook and expectations of the player.
  • Brand new branching story lines for 30 draft classes and Adam made them sound authentic. Adam has been signed for a couple of years.
  • Can’t place players on the PUP list. (Injured reserve IS STILL in the game)
  • Owners can’t bid for Super Bowl hosting.
  • Overhauled Connected Franchise website, much more functional with tutorials.
  • Commissioner tools haven’t been locked down, so they couldn’t announce any of them.
  • Facial scans were made for most of last year’s rookie class (roughly 20 didn’t get in) All starting QB’s and some QB’s that could see some time.
  • Also ran facial scans for coaches, in total close to 100 facial scans made it in.
  • Players get scanned if they are available at events (for example the Pro Bowl) some simply don’t want to. Basically EA gets what they can, when they can. It’s not as easy as people may think it is.
  • They have tweaked the Zoom camera, didn’t mention any other cameras.
  • There is no PC version of Madden NFL 25.
  • Head coaches, head trainers, head scouts and owners will be featured in story lines, not coordinators.

It’s Friday afternoon aka time to head over to YouTube and check out some game glitches for humor. These were some of the best recent one’s that we’ve come across, so feel free to send us some of your favorite glitches via Twitter.

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