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Today we’re gonna take a look at relocating your team in Madden 25’s Connected Franchise mode. Moving your franchise is a big decision and it’s not an easy task to do. Sometimes things just don’t work out in your current city (no funding, small market, etc), so moving the team is the best option.

Before we begin, I should note that your team needs to be really bad before you can just up and move. Your record has to be bad, and the Fan Happiness level has to be low. So teams like the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots that have deep rooted ties to the city and are continuously successful probably won’t have the option to move. Teams like the Jaguars, Browns and Raiders have a better chance to move.


You’ll need to create yourself as an owner, then select “relocate”. Once there, none other than ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter questions your motive for moving, asking “You’ve been a highly successful businessman, and now you own a BFL Franchise, what’s the next step for you and this team?”

You then can pick from three answers (subject to change):

  • “I’ve had a lot of success and now I want to have fun and give back to these fans and provide them with a great experience every Sunday.”   TICKET PRICEPer Win +2%/Per Loss -5%
  • “Part of being good at business is surrounding yourself with smart people, so that will continue to be priority A.  We’ll build a continual winner from the top down.” TEAM SUCCESSPer Win +2%/Per Loss -5%
  • “Business to me is turning a profit, so I want to make this franchise the one everybody thinks of first when they think of the NFL.” TEAM SUCCESSPer Super Bowl Win +2%/Per Playoff Missed -5%

Depending on the answer you choose, you’ll hear back from the league, whether you can move or not. Here are the cities you can move to (subject to change):

City Market Size Fan Personality Fan Interest Description
London, England Huge Fair Weather 45% London is a huge market that would love an NFL Team
Los Angeles, California Huge Fair Weather 95% Los Angeles is the easiest city choice financially. They’ll pay for a large percentage of your stadium
Mexico City, Mexico Huge Hardcore 90% Mexico City is a prime destination. It offers hardcore fans and big time stadium funding.
Toronto, Canada Large Laid Back 20% Toronto is an interesting destination. Good fans and decent stadium funding.
San Antonio, Texas Average Loyal 65% San Antonio is a fairly large market with loyal fans. You’ll have to compete with basketball though.
Orlando, Florida Decent FrontRunner 20% Orlando is home to boy bands, theme parks and strip malls. Where do I sign?
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Small Laid Back 15% OKC doesn’t offer much stadium funding but their fans are pretty laid back!
Salt Lake City, Utah Small Fair Weather 45% Salt Lake City can’t offer much stadium funding but their fans are pretty loyal.
Brooklyn, New York Huge Hardcore 90% Brooklyn is the hottest choice among professional teams. Huge market and hardcore fans make this a perfect destination.
Memphis, Tennessee Small Laid Back 17% You might have the blues if you move here. Very little funding means an expensive stadium bill!
Chicago, Illinois Huge Hardcore 80% Chicago is the perfect city for an NFL team. Fans in the Windy City are as loyal as you get and the market size means more jersey sales.
Sacramento, California Average Laid Back 42% Sacramento supports an NBA team, so you should be fine moving here.
Columbus, Ohio Decent FrontRunner 20% Columbus offers fanatic fans that love their team. The market size is small, but you’ll be adorned here.
Portland, Oregon Decent Fair Weather 45% Portland is not a bad spot to relocate to. Good fans and decent stadium funding can be found here.
Austin, Texas Decent FrontRunner 45% Austin is the perfect place to relocate. Good BBQ, great fans and warm temperatures year round.
Dublin, Ireland Decent Laid Back 60% If you’re interested in going International, Dublin is a great spot. Good food and adoring fans can be found in Dublin!
Houston, Texas Huge Loyal 95% Moving a 2nd team to Houston is a bold move. Choose this city and you can bring the Oilers back.


One of the biggest announcements at yesterday’s Microsoft reveal of the Xbox One was their new partnership with the NFL. The technology for this collaboration is brand new, so it has potential to be great, or a disaster.

Here’s how it works: You’ll be able to sync your fantasy account and watch live NFL programming through your XBOX (obviously not free). When somebody scores, updates will be “snapped” to the right side of your screen (see image below). Of course, this is only for U.S. markets right now, but Microsoft has a global rollout plan that they haven’t released info on yet.


But the fantasy football aspect is just the beginning. The deal itself is worth $400 million over 5 years, and Microsoft will also be bringing their technology to the sidelines via Microsoft Surface tablets. The shots of wide receivers huddling around a binder, reviewing their previous drives will be no longer. Most of the paper will be substituted for tablets as early as 2014.


2:12PM ET

And that’s it from the Xbox Reveal. We’ll post some more high quality screens in a separate post after Microsoft puts it on-demand.

2:05PM ET

An exclusive look from Wired on the design of the Xbox One:

1:58PM ET

What in the hell is up with Ricky Rubio’s legs?

1:50PM ET

The NFL and Microsoft ALSO teaming up for fantasy football.

1:46PM ET

Lionel Messi in action on the Xbox One:

1:42PM ET

GIF of RGIII in action on the Xbox One:

1:38PM ET

Looks like the XBOX is getting exclusive Ultimate Team content for FIFA 14.

1:30PM ET

FIFA, Madden, UFC, NBA Live (lol) will be developed for release within the next 12 months. No NHL mention.

1:26PM ET

Controller specs.

1:22PM ET

The full specs for anyone interested. Buddy on stage just called it “space-age technology”… chill with that.

1:17PM ET

You’ll be able to live track your sports fantasy teams WHILE watching sports:

1:13PM ET

Here’s how your Xbox One controller looks:

1:07PM ET

Official name: The Xbox One. Here’s how it looks:

1:03PM ET

“For the first time you and your TV are going to have a relationship. It’s going to recognize my voice, my face, etc.” A little creepy.

12:57PM ET

3 minutes away. Before we begin, just wanted to say that by 360 red ringed on me yesterday, while in the second round of a NBA 2K13 Online Association Mode playoffs. THANKS.

12:42PM ET

Seats being filled right now.

12:32PM ET

Touched on this earlier, but we will for sure be seeing how the FIFA franchise looks on the next-gen consoles, but all other games are just rumors. I can also see NBA Live getting some sort of mention as they’re pushing that game for the next-gens.

12:18PM ET

The tent the event will be held in. Looks fun. Or kinds cult-ish. Whatever.

12:11PM ET

Today’s the day Microsoft unveils the next Xbox system, and we are here to cover and rip into every minute of their presentation. There’s a ton of rumors as what we should be expecting, but since we focus more on sports gaming, look for this liveblog to be sports heavy. I’m hearing reports that we’ll be seeing some features from FIFA, UFC, Madden and others. Will try and update as much as possible with timestamps (all timestamps in Eastern time).


This falls under the category of stuff you just don’t do. Keenan Allen, a rookie wide receiver who got drafted by the San Diego Chargers last month has some fans upset after sporting an Oakland Raiders (rival team) hat in a video he made on Vine. Allen hit up the In-N-Out burger joint and decided to post a short vid of his time there. Although there were some overreactions, Chargers fans weren’t happy:


He has since deleted the video, so we can only muster up a screenshot, but when you’re dealing with die-hard fans, just don’t do things like that. Based on his Tweets, looked like he has learned his lesson:



Madden released this playbook video today, highlighting the defensive control in the upcoming game. The last video was focused more on the running game, now you can see what it’s like on the other side of the ball. GIFs and some info directly from the Madden presser to follow:

Last year, the major focus of the Infinity Engine was figuring out the basics of speed, momentum and other factors. With the introduction of Force Impact and a year of additional tuning, the dev team can now bring the power of Infinity to the Hit Stick. This allows for the biggest, most impressive hits yet, creating moments you’ll want to recreate over and over.

Furthermore, if you manage to pop a ball carrier with the Hit Stick while he’s performing one of the special precision modifier moves, the chances of causing a fumble increase. So if you’re up against an opponent who loves flashy moves, line him up with the Hit Stick and see if he doesn’t get a bit more conservative. This concept carries over into the passing game as well, as cornerbacks and safeties who trigger the Hit Stick as a receiver makes a catch have a higher chance of jarring the ball loose.

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The big thing being touted in this year’s Madden game is the “Run Free” feature, giving you much more free control over your offensive ground game. If you’re a fan of the Madden franchise, this next piece should be a little concerning: EA Sports is also introducing a “Precision Modifier”, giving you the option of 30 different moves as a running back. You can string together these moves to create “devastating combos” (EA Sports’ words, not mine).

The “devastating combo” makes the game sound super arcade-y, reminiscent of arcade fighting games where combining combos gets you more XP. Also, while these moves look great, they really aren’t all that realistic. Here’s the video, and we’ll show you some GIFs after the vid to further illustrated the unrealistic animation.

And now for the GIFs. some of these moves are unrealistic, especially Chris Johnson’s spin.

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Remember when he was on the cover of Madden NFL 2004? IMO, one of the best Madden’s of all-time, but I’m going off-topic. The Michael Vick comeback story isn’t going so great in the NFL, but he’s still somewhat of a household name (maybe not for all of the right reasons).

Vick has come out with a mobile game called “Mike Vick: GameTime”, an offense only 4-on-4 touch based football game. I tried it out today, and while the graphics aren’t great, it’s still a fun and quick way to pass the time.

Basically you’re the QB, and have 3 wide receivers to pass to. The more touchdowns the score, the more money you get. The more money you get, the more you can upgrade your players and become a better team. The one thing that I found annoying about the game was the fact that you had to pay for more plays in the playbook, but in this era of gamification, it’s expected.

Here are some screenshots: