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The MLB 13: The Show team released this video today, highlighting the new features of their franchise mode. Here are the highlights:

  • If you have consecutive winning seasons, you receive more money on better players and scouting
  • The depth chart has been made to be simpler, so sending down or bringing up players from the minors is much easier
  • The new “acquisitions panel” allows you to see ALL trades and signings happening in the league
  • A new ticker has been added at the bottom of your screen with updates on the going-ons in around the league
  • In previous versions of The Show, you could train your players to be better – by position only. Now you’re able to focus on individual players through training.
  • Player progression has become varied. Players hit their primes earlier in age, and older players decrease in skill more realistically

Operation Sports just released this trailer for MLB 13: The Show, starring Orioles pitcher Wei-Yin Chen. Not much else to say here, so have a watch:

Last week we told you about the social campaign that Sony launched for Canadians to vote on which Jose Bautista cover they wanted for the upcoming MLB 13: The Show. The rules were simple: head over to PlayStation Canada’s Facebook page and “Like” whichever cover you thought was the best. There were three options to vote for: Canada Day red, the home whites, or the away greys.

The country voted, and the red Canada Day jersey will don this year’s cover. Here are the final numbers:

MLB 13: The Show drops on March 5th.

Bautista making it look EASY (hopefully easier than last year)

Sony’s MLB 13: The Show is back for another year, and GotGame got an exclusive look with Sony’s Community Manager Ramone Russell. Here’s some additional info on what you can look forward to in the new release:

  • “Beginner Mode”: The biggest complaint that gamers had about The Show was the learning curve. “Beginner Mode” is a new feature this year: an adaptive AI that teaches you the basics of hitting and pitching. As you get better, you rank up, and it gets more challenging.  
  • Base Running: You’ll now be able to use the up and down buttons to run the bags, a much simpler approach to the complicated mechanisms of previous versions.
  • Cross-Platform Play for Home Run Derby’s: Regardless of whether you’re using a PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation Vita, you can compete in online Home Run Derby’s simultaneously.
  • Create-a-player additions: You’ll now be able to customize your running stride, strikeout animation and your home run swing.
  • “The Show Live”: This feature is impressive; you’re able to play games that are currently going on at that particular moment with realistic up-to-date commentary, stats and rosters from

Here’s the full interview below:

MLB 13: The Show comes out on March 5th, 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

After a weeklong voting process via social media, Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen has been selected to grace the cover of the American release of Sony PlayStation’s MLB 13: The Show. So who do Canadians get? As Getting Blanked reported earlier this week, Toronto’s Jose Bautista will be on the cover for the second consecutive year.

Canadians weren’t able to vote on their cover athlete, but they can now vote on Joey Bats’ uniform on The Show’s Facebook page. Here are the three options you can vote on: away grey, Canadian red and the home whites (pictured above).

Here’s an enthusiastic Jose with the details:

Which cover looks the best?