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One thing that’s annoying about football games is the lack of camera angles you can choose. Whether you’re on offense or defense, sometimes you want to see your entire team (or the opposing team) on the field at once. Madden recently fixed this issue by adding in “zoomed” and “wide” angles, but now,  NCAA 14 is helping fix this problem with another angle: “coordinator” view. Here are the three differences.



Hopefully we’ll see all 3 in the Madden franchise as well.


Here’s your first look at EA Sports’ NCAA Football 14 featuring former Michigan Wolverines QB/WR Denard Robinson. The game is set to release on Tuesday, July 9th for the XBOX 360 and PS3.

The NCAA 14 crew released some more screenshots of their upcoming game via their Facebook page. Here they are:


EA Sports has released some info detailing what’s new in NCAA Football 14, dropping this July. The biggest change for this year is the addition of the Infinity Engine 2, which basically is a game engine that incorporates more dynamic animations and collision detection. So rather than automatically dropping after getting hit (as was the norm in previous versions), you’re able to regain your balance, depending on where you get hit (of course). The engine was introduced to last year’s Madden franchise, and now college football is getting the same treatment. If you’re a visual learner like myself, the video explains it all:

The NCAA 14 team also focused more on the college-style option plays, which over 30 new option types to choose from.

There’ll be more info in the coming weeks, so look out for the following:

  • Presentation video (April 18th)
  • NCAA Football Ultimate Team video (May 15th)
  • Dynasty video (May 28th)
  • Play a Season (June 17th)

NCAA Football 14 is out on Tuesday, July 9th for the XBOX 360 and PS3


Here’s a first look at gameplay from the upcoming EA Sports NCAA 14. In this video, EA Associate Producer Ben Haumiller talks about the new Infinity engine, and other new goodness:


Former Michigan QB/WR Denard Robinson will don the cover of NCAA Football 14 after winning EA Sports’ “cover vote” campaign via their Facebook page.

In the end, it came down between Robinson and Texas A&M WR Ryan Swope. There was even some controversy with some questionable voting methods from the Aggies. This marks the third time that a Michigan Wolverine has been featured on the cover of the game, (Desmond Howard in ’99 and Charles Woodson in ’06).

NCAA Football 14 drops this July for PS3 and XBOX 360.


If you haven’t been annoyed heard by now, EA Sports’ NCAA Football has been running a voting campaign via their social channels to determine the cover athlete of the upcoming NCAA Football 14. What started out as a126-team elimination style tournament is now down to the final round, consisting of Texas A&M (represented by WR Ryan Swope), and the Michigan Wolverines (represented by QB/WR Denard Robinson).

Final round voting began on February 26th and Denard Robinson has held a comfortable lead the entire time, leading 133k to 123k yesterday. Last night however, Swope mysteriously jumped up over 7,000 votes, which is a highly unusual amount, looking at the voting activity. NCAA 14 fans have been posting this link (now cached because of deletion), showing a Texas A&M forum discussing the many ways of altering the votes.

What looked like a comfortable lead is now pretty tight. At the time of writing, Robinson leads Swope 174,476 to 172,746. EA Sports commented on the issue, saying:

We are aware of the voting irregularities around the NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote. We are in touch with the players and schools involved in the final round voting, and in the spirit of integrity and fair play, are in agreement that only votes from legitimate accounts will be counted in the cover vote.

My personal thought: I understand why the cover vote is a big deal. Schools take pride when it comes to competition, but I really couldn’t care less who ends up on there. Just make a decent game, and we’ll be golden.