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We’re back with another glitch post to start off your weekend.

The hit heard ’round the world, and into the stands.

The no-stick glitch.

The random NASCAR crash after no contact glitch.

The scoring on 2 goalie glitch.

The “I get knocked down, but I get up again” glitch.

The 300lbs lineman hits the forcefield while trying to sack a QB glitch.

The into the wall but no catch glitch.

The invisible player glitch.


They might wanna change that wording.


Though Madden boasts about their realism, their roster updates and player ratings aren’t always accurate. This year, the Madden team is introducing “Madden Share”, a feature that allows you share your created content like rosters, playbooks and custom gameplay sliders.

This is good for football gamers because there are always a select group of people who dedicate their time to creating the most accurate rosters, as the moves happen in real life. The feature allows users to rate content, so the best rosters will be featured front and center.


Alright, here’s the second important conference of the day: EA Sports. Earlier there was a Microsoft conference, which focused mostly on non-sports gaming, so it was a bit dull for us, but this presentation is the meat and potatoes. We’ll be updating this thread continuously, so be friends with the F5 button, or just follow us on Twitter. We should be seeing a ton of next-gen and current day console footage.

Hit F5 to refresh:

4:41PM ET

Up next, UFC. Dana White, Jon Bones Jones make an appearance.

  • EA Sports UFC launches worldwide on XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 in the spring of 2014
  • “Full body deformation, no other fighting game brings that” – Andrew Wilson (See image above)
4:36PM ET

Coming up next, FIFA 14. Who other than Drake to present the game. Because when you think FIFA, you think Drake.


  • Massive innovations for FIFA14 next-gen: Pro Instincts, Precision Motion, Elite Technique
  • Elite Technique: 100+ new animations
  • Hundreds of new skills added into FIFA 14 on next-gen
  • True Player Motion: Athleticism of players like Messi comes to life as they explode out of each step and turn.
4:32PM ET

Up next, Madden. Good of them to  feature actual gameplay in their video, unlike the NBA Live Team. BTW, here’s the Madden 25 cover for the next-gen consoles, featuring Adrian Peterson:

4:29PM ET

Kyrie Irving in the building to talk about NBA Live 14.
kyrie600EA Sports #1 objective: realistic dribbling. Introducing it via bounceTek. Ratings and stats for NBA Live 14 will be updated hourly.

4:26PM ET

Alright here comes EA Sports.

4:23PM ET

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul just came out to discuss his new Need For Speed movie. Would’ve appreciated some Breaking Bad trailers tbh. More non-sports trailers being featured now.

4:16PM ET

The first mention of sports gaming, introducing EA Sports’ new Ignite and Frostbite 3 engines, that’ll power their next-gen games. They’re currently talking about Need For Speed: Rivals, something that we don’t cover. So we’re on hold once again.

4:13PM ET

More non-sports gaming up now, Titanfall, their one of many action shooter games.

4:03PM ET

EA Sports pres Peter Moore says “the return of favorites like NBA Live”. I guess that’s one way to put it. EA starts off their presentation with Plants vs. Zombies. Well that’s fun. So I guess we’ll be on a bit of a break for the next few mins.

3:55PM ET

Hearing that EA’s website is down, right before the launch. Talk about bad timing.


Madden 25 is quickly approaching, and while they’ve been putting out Developer Diaries, there’s still not a lot of info discussed about the details of the game. Virtual Sports Network recently spoke with EA Sports Creative Director Mike Young, and here are some new details about the game you might be interested in. (Thanks to Operation Sports for the recap):

  • The Presentation playbook went away this year, but that doesn’t mean the team hasn’t been working hard on it.
  • Year 2 with Nance and Simms adds more depth in commentary, especially in career mode, more details on that at a later date.
  • Replays feel more human, varied and specific to the types of plays. Using real cameras, from the real locations in the stadiums (framing, timing, etc.)
  • New animated tickers, banners, feels more like a broadcast.
  • Added more team chants, first down and stadium sounds, since they went to many stadiums with Jim and Phil and grabbed live recordings.
  • More authentic tracks from various stadiums. Redone referee audio.
  • If you move your team, commentators will talk about that.
  • New sideline reporter has been added, will talk about that later.
  • Adam Schefter is still in the virtual news feed, breaking story lines, but he has also been added to the draft commentary.
  • When the draft is running, Trey Wingo is the host and Adam talks about the outlook and expectations of the player.
  • Brand new branching story lines for 30 draft classes and Adam made them sound authentic. Adam has been signed for a couple of years.
  • Can’t place players on the PUP list. (Injured reserve IS STILL in the game)
  • Owners can’t bid for Super Bowl hosting.
  • Overhauled Connected Franchise website, much more functional with tutorials.
  • Commissioner tools haven’t been locked down, so they couldn’t announce any of them.
  • Facial scans were made for most of last year’s rookie class (roughly 20 didn’t get in) All starting QB’s and some QB’s that could see some time.
  • Also ran facial scans for coaches, in total close to 100 facial scans made it in.
  • Players get scanned if they are available at events (for example the Pro Bowl) some simply don’t want to. Basically EA gets what they can, when they can. It’s not as easy as people may think it is.
  • They have tweaked the Zoom camera, didn’t mention any other cameras.
  • There is no PC version of Madden NFL 25.
  • Head coaches, head trainers, head scouts and owners will be featured in story lines, not coordinators.

It’s Friday afternoon aka time to head over to YouTube and check out some game glitches for humor. These were some of the best recent one’s that we’ve come across, so feel free to send us some of your favorite glitches via Twitter.

The long and awkward fall (NHL 13)

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Today we’re gonna take a look at relocating your team in Madden 25’s Connected Franchise mode. Moving your franchise is a big decision and it’s not an easy task to do. Sometimes things just don’t work out in your current city (no funding, small market, etc), so moving the team is the best option.

Before we begin, I should note that your team needs to be really bad before you can just up and move. Your record has to be bad, and the Fan Happiness level has to be low. So teams like the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots that have deep rooted ties to the city and are continuously successful probably won’t have the option to move. Teams like the Jaguars, Browns and Raiders have a better chance to move.


You’ll need to create yourself as an owner, then select “relocate”. Once there, none other than ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter questions your motive for moving, asking “You’ve been a highly successful businessman, and now you own a BFL Franchise, what’s the next step for you and this team?”

You then can pick from three answers (subject to change):

  • “I’ve had a lot of success and now I want to have fun and give back to these fans and provide them with a great experience every Sunday.”   TICKET PRICEPer Win +2%/Per Loss -5%
  • “Part of being good at business is surrounding yourself with smart people, so that will continue to be priority A.  We’ll build a continual winner from the top down.” TEAM SUCCESSPer Win +2%/Per Loss -5%
  • “Business to me is turning a profit, so I want to make this franchise the one everybody thinks of first when they think of the NFL.” TEAM SUCCESSPer Super Bowl Win +2%/Per Playoff Missed -5%

Depending on the answer you choose, you’ll hear back from the league, whether you can move or not. Here are the cities you can move to (subject to change):

City Market Size Fan Personality Fan Interest Description
London, England Huge Fair Weather 45% London is a huge market that would love an NFL Team
Los Angeles, California Huge Fair Weather 95% Los Angeles is the easiest city choice financially. They’ll pay for a large percentage of your stadium
Mexico City, Mexico Huge Hardcore 90% Mexico City is a prime destination. It offers hardcore fans and big time stadium funding.
Toronto, Canada Large Laid Back 20% Toronto is an interesting destination. Good fans and decent stadium funding.
San Antonio, Texas Average Loyal 65% San Antonio is a fairly large market with loyal fans. You’ll have to compete with basketball though.
Orlando, Florida Decent FrontRunner 20% Orlando is home to boy bands, theme parks and strip malls. Where do I sign?
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Small Laid Back 15% OKC doesn’t offer much stadium funding but their fans are pretty laid back!
Salt Lake City, Utah Small Fair Weather 45% Salt Lake City can’t offer much stadium funding but their fans are pretty loyal.
Brooklyn, New York Huge Hardcore 90% Brooklyn is the hottest choice among professional teams. Huge market and hardcore fans make this a perfect destination.
Memphis, Tennessee Small Laid Back 17% You might have the blues if you move here. Very little funding means an expensive stadium bill!
Chicago, Illinois Huge Hardcore 80% Chicago is the perfect city for an NFL team. Fans in the Windy City are as loyal as you get and the market size means more jersey sales.
Sacramento, California Average Laid Back 42% Sacramento supports an NBA team, so you should be fine moving here.
Columbus, Ohio Decent FrontRunner 20% Columbus offers fanatic fans that love their team. The market size is small, but you’ll be adorned here.
Portland, Oregon Decent Fair Weather 45% Portland is not a bad spot to relocate to. Good fans and decent stadium funding can be found here.
Austin, Texas Decent FrontRunner 45% Austin is the perfect place to relocate. Good BBQ, great fans and warm temperatures year round.
Dublin, Ireland Decent Laid Back 60% If you’re interested in going International, Dublin is a great spot. Good food and adoring fans can be found in Dublin!
Houston, Texas Huge Loyal 95% Moving a 2nd team to Houston is a bold move. Choose this city and you can bring the Oilers back.