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Nike marketing is back at it with their laser-powered soccer fields. Promoting their new street-specific soccer shoes (seen below), Nike is setting up “insta-soccer” fields in the streets of Madrid this summer.


The setup is pretty simple: if you want to play a game of street soccer, go to the selected spot with your friends (teams must meet a minimum of 8 players), request the field using your smartphone, and  get ready to play.

When you pour champagne on yourself instead of your teammates, you’re going to have a bad time. Out of all of the players in the NBA Finals, 27.5% of Chris Bosh’s social buzz was negative, the most of any player.

The Meltwater Group has used their Meltwater Buzz software to see what NBA fans are talking about, and put out this infographic with their results:

As we get set for the NBA Finals tomorrow night, the league has you covered socially. Out of the 4 major sports in North America, the NBA currently has the best social game. At the 2013 Sports Social TV Summit, NBA Marketing SVP Melissa Brenner said: “The NBA’s 400 million combined social media volume would make it the 3rd largest country in the world.” Let’s take a look at how exactly they’re conquering:

The Finals Pulse: If you want to check out what’s trending in the NBA, check this site out. Right now it’s kinda slow because the Finals haven’t tipped off yet, but it tracks how many Twitter and Facebook mentions a player has gotten within the last hour.

NBA Social Spotlight: The Finals Pulse shows you who people are talking about, but the NBA Social Spotlight features what people around the world are talking about, in an aesthetically pleasing view. Sourcing posts from Twitter and Instagram using the #NBAFinals hashtag, you can see the latest from the NBA social world.

YouTube Mini-movies: An underappreciated feature to the NBA’s social game is their use of their mini-movies via their YouTube page. These are basically HBO Sports-style mini-documentaries following the NBA Playoffs. One is put out every week for each conference, and features great behind the scenes footage that you won’t find anywhere else.

Post-game streaming: Fortunately (or unfortunately) Roy Hibbert won’t be around during these post-game press conferences. This year marks the first time that you’ll be able to check out what the Heat and Spurs have to say after the game by streaming post-game press conferences on your mobile device.

nbasocial_nbadotcom Of course, is your go-to for anything basketball, but The Finals hub is a great resource for the next 4-7 games. As Freddy Lopez at Sport Techie put it, “it’s a centralized content destination and branded to fit the overarching theme.” Here you can check out videos, in-game highlights, stats and all the coverage you need.


Just because he’s deep into the playoffs, doesn’t mean that LeBron James isn’t handling his business off the court. LeBron James is looking for students who have an interest in digital sports marketing to join his team, for at least 10 hours a week. You can view the full job posting here, but some of the more interesting things from the posting include:

  • You’ll have to either reside in Ohio, South Florida or New York
  • Spanish fluency is desired
  • You’ll need to submit a writing sample (500 word minimum) explaining why you’re the perfect person for the internship
  • DO NOT call, tweet, or send him any messages on Facebook about the job
  • Familiarity with tumblr, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is golden

Not mentioned is whether or not it’s paid. But working for LeBron would be a pretty sweet summer job.

If there’s one thing the University of Cincinnati baseball team is good at, it’s knowing how to sabotage post-game interviews. They finished 24-32 this season, but their best plays occur after the game in their post-game interviews. Just watch the video and check out the skill.


This falls under the category of stuff you just don’t do. Keenan Allen, a rookie wide receiver who got drafted by the San Diego Chargers last month has some fans upset after sporting an Oakland Raiders (rival team) hat in a video he made on Vine. Allen hit up the In-N-Out burger joint and decided to post a short vid of his time there. Although there were some overreactions, Chargers fans weren’t happy:


He has since deleted the video, so we can only muster up a screenshot, but when you’re dealing with die-hard fans, just don’t do things like that. Based on his Tweets, looked like he has learned his lesson:




It’s times like these when sports and social media come together to make something awesome happen. Pro Golfer, rapper and avid Twitter user Ben Crane is participating in the HP Byron Nelson Championship and decided to give his regular caddy a day off and look for a replacement on Twitter:

He got some good responses, but in the end, Twitter user Morgan Johnson, a former ACU golfer who was celebrating his birthday won.

The pic and the tweet to prove it.