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The San Francisco Giants have beat out the Los Angeles Dodgers to hold on to their title of the kings of Instagram.  While the New York Yankees dominate both Twitter (893k) and Facebook (6.3m), the Giants have successfully conquered the popular photo-based app. Not only are the Giants the most popular team on the platform, but their stadium consistently has the most activity during game day.

“Instagram allows fans to share their experience through artistic photos,” said Bryan Srabian, social media director for the Giants. “AT&T Park is one of the most beautiful settings for baseball, and it is always great to see the different perspectives through the eyes of our fans. Each picture tells a different story. It has been a blast to connect with fans.”

Here’s your final report of the Instagram numbers:

Team Photos Following Followers
San Francisco Giants 1001 2 231,801
Los Angeles Dodgers 895 35 218,928
New York Yankees 219 5 150,071
Atlanta Braves 227 17 76,533
Boston Red Sox 317 0 65,133
Detroit Tigers 294 31 39,146
Texas Rangers 371 1 37,665
Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim 124 11 30,676
Cincinnati Reds 477 44 30,238
Oakland Athletics 291 4 28,740
Chicago Cubs 175 32 28,589
Philadelphia Phillies 196 1 28,369
St. Louis Cardinals 228 27 25,987
Baltimore Orioles 134 0 25,329
New York Mets 147 1 24,998
Toronto Blue Jays 246 11 24,749
Seattle Mariners 740 16 22,939
Chicago White Sox 204 2 22,416
Arizona Diamondbacks 440 3 17,612
Colorado Rockies 711 91 15,824
Washington Nationals 78 0 14,699
Milwaukee Brewers 270 2 14,043
Miami Marlins 252 43 12,731
Kansas City Royals 216 3 12,431
Cleveland Indians 174 4 12,393
San Diego Padres 138 15 12,362
Tampa Bay Rays 333 8 11,472
Pittsburgh Pirates 154 31 11,204
Houston Astros 168 29 9,644
Minnesota Twins 261 23 6,864



Depending on your phone provider, using your phone at a stadium/arena is sometimes a hassle. Uploading an Instagram pic, sending out a tweet, or checking out other scores around the league is usually harder inside a stadium, and it’s pretty frustrating for sports fans.

Major League Baseball is aware of the connection issues fans are having, and are teaming up with Qualcomm to review and optimize stadium Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connections. Today, rapid data processing should be second nature to venues across all leagues. In terms of stats, here’s what February’s Super Bowl looked like:


ESPN reached out to Dan Novak, VP of global marketing at Qualcomm: “You think about downloading a video or statistics. More and more [fans are] uploading video, photos, some sort of content on Instagram or any of the other platforms that have become so popular. It’s just not that uncommon to be at a sports venue or dense setting and not be able to do the simple things or the Internet connectivity slow to a crawl. It’s really not the experience you hope or expect to have.”

Let’s review the pros and cons of having access to your Instagram account during a Jays game:



So what’s the plan? They’ll travel to each stadium this season, and study the logistics and data usage of the venue. No timetable has been set as to when it integration will begin, but we’ll keep you posted.