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We’re back with another glitch post to start off your weekend.

The hit heard ’round the world, and into the stands.

The no-stick glitch.

The random NASCAR crash after no contact glitch.

The scoring on 2 goalie glitch.

The “I get knocked down, but I get up again” glitch.

The 300lbs lineman hits the forcefield while trying to sack a QB glitch.

The into the wall but no catch glitch.

The invisible player glitch.

NASCAR The Game has released 2 versions of their game on console, but now they’re set to release a PC version of the game next month. It’s been a while since NASCAR has hit the PC market. The last popular game for the PC was NASCAR Racing 2003, which still remains a cult favorite. The folks over at Eutechnyx who develop the game sent me a beta code to test out, and here are my first impressions.

First of all, I’m a big NASCAR guy, but when it comes to video game racing, I’m not as serious as some. I play the XBOX 360 version of the game, and loading the PC version up appears to be a seamless transition. It’s the same, simple to use menu navigation. Because the game is in beta mode, you can only run offline single player right now.

Of course, if you have the right equipment, PC gaming looks far and beyond better than anything on the console, and this game is no different. The graphics are incredible, and the new Gen6 cars are standard in the game (as opposed to the CoT), adding more realism. I was using the Xbox controller for PC, but the cars handle the same as the console version. I’ve heard complaints from serious racing gamers that car handling isn’t the best, but I personally don’t find it to be an issue.

Since this is a beta version, there were some hiccups. During my race, the only audio I could hear was my crew chief and nothing else (no cars around me, my own car, the crowd, etc.). Kind of made for a dull racing experience. Also, when you’re checking out the side of your car for damage, the car wasn’t centered in the shot, and it looked weird, not being able to see parts of your car at times (see image below):

I didn’t run a ton of laps, but the game is extremely smooth. Here are some screenshots that I took while driving with Kurt Busch. Some of them are from the “camera mode”, so it’ll look more polished than the gameplay pics. I’m sure you can tell the difference. It’s just the beta, but I’m really excited about the final release.








Racing fan or not, this is pretty cool. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like driving 195+ MPH (that’s 314 KPH for the Canadians) in a car, Budweiser is here to help out. The Bud 360° Interactive Racing App is new app for your iOS device, showing you all angles of a race car as it makes the rounds.

The technology behind the app used footage from five cameras mounted onto Harvick’s car, then pieced together for one video. If you don’t have an iOS device, head over to Budweiser’s site, or click the link below.


We don’t really have more info other than these screenshots, but check out these 2 pics that Dave Thompson (Executive Producer at Eutechnyx) tweeted out of NASCAR The Game for mobile. I reached out to Dave, and he said he’d have more info in about a month, so stay tuned for some exclusive info in a few weeks:





After a lengthy wait, a patch for NASCAR The Game: Inside Line has been released for the XBOX 360. This update will download automatically when you run your copy of the game, and connected to XBOX Live. While the list of changes is huge, most NASCAR fans are anticipating the arrival of the new Gen6 cars patch, expected to be released shortly after Easter. Here are all of the changes:



  • Xbox, a player can be put into a lobby where NATs conflict meaning they will be kicked when the counter reaches zero.
  • If someone is dropped when in the Infield Garage, the rolling starts are broken.
  • Matchmaking puts the player into a lobby when a game is already in progress.
  • After a caution / quick caution, players can be dropped from the game.
  • If a player DNF’s and then a caution is called, players separate into different lobbies.
  • Infrequently the player appears to have hit a car in front even though they are not touching.
  • Sometimes laps go out of sync when compared with other players in the game.
  • On the Caution Summary, the number plate becomes mixed up if a player leaves the game.
  • On the Garage Overview screens, the number plates are not listed correctly.
  • If the host is in any position other than first, they will take off and leave the pack in both SF and DF rolling starts after a caution.
  • When the Quick Caution screen appears, all players seem to have 80% “health”.
  • When the Quick Caution screen appears for the second time, wedge cannot be adjusted.
  • When reviewing the online race results, players who DNF’d aren’t displayed.
  • When joining a race in progress, only the host’s progress i.e. Racing Lap X is displayed.
  • Sometimes cautions don’t appear to be called.
  • Often 3 laps are run in a GWC.
  • At the end of a practice session, the Overview appears different on numerous players consoles.
  • A player car number doesn’t show up in the lobby interface when joining a game in progress until that player finishes racing and returns to the lobby.
  • When joining a session in progress and once the race is completed, a Race Over counter begins. This sequence breaks with around 10 seconds left.
  • During the rolling start sequence a car can appeared ghosted.
  • The session over times aren’t in sync.
  • Invalid laps from the Road Courses can be seen by others even though dashes are seen by the offending player on their overview screen (Qualifying).
  • The overview screen can remain on during gameplay.

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