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EA Sports released their first trailer for FIFA 14 today, featuring gameplay footage on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The majority of soccer gamers prefer FIFA, but there’s a group of fans dedicated to the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. Konami has come out with a trailer for this year’s version of the game, showing off their newly modified Fox Engine.

It’s big news that they’re changing engines because PES has used the same engine since the PlayStation 2 days.

In terms of new features, this year’s game welcomes the AFC Champions League, with a new game mode just for the league. More info about the game will be released on June 6th, 2013.


2:12PM ET

And that’s it from the Xbox Reveal. We’ll post some more high quality screens in a separate post after Microsoft puts it on-demand.

2:05PM ET

An exclusive look from Wired on the design of the Xbox One:

1:58PM ET

What in the hell is up with Ricky Rubio’s legs?

1:50PM ET

The NFL and Microsoft ALSO teaming up for fantasy football.

1:46PM ET

Lionel Messi in action on the Xbox One:

1:42PM ET

GIF of RGIII in action on the Xbox One:

1:38PM ET

Looks like the XBOX is getting exclusive Ultimate Team content for FIFA 14.

1:30PM ET

FIFA, Madden, UFC, NBA Live (lol) will be developed for release within the next 12 months. No NHL mention.

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Controller specs.

1:22PM ET

The full specs for anyone interested. Buddy on stage just called it “space-age technology”… chill with that.

1:17PM ET

You’ll be able to live track your sports fantasy teams WHILE watching sports:

1:13PM ET

Here’s how your Xbox One controller looks:

1:07PM ET

Official name: The Xbox One. Here’s how it looks:

1:03PM ET

“For the first time you and your TV are going to have a relationship. It’s going to recognize my voice, my face, etc.” A little creepy.

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3 minutes away. Before we begin, just wanted to say that by 360 red ringed on me yesterday, while in the second round of a NBA 2K13 Online Association Mode playoffs. THANKS.

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Seats being filled right now.

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Touched on this earlier, but we will for sure be seeing how the FIFA franchise looks on the next-gen consoles, but all other games are just rumors. I can also see NBA Live getting some sort of mention as they’re pushing that game for the next-gens.

12:18PM ET

The tent the event will be held in. Looks fun. Or kinds cult-ish. Whatever.

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Today’s the day Microsoft unveils the next Xbox system, and we are here to cover and rip into every minute of their presentation. There’s a ton of rumors as what we should be expecting, but since we focus more on sports gaming, look for this liveblog to be sports heavy. I’m hearing reports that we’ll be seeing some features from FIFA, UFC, Madden and others. Will try and update as much as possible with timestamps (all timestamps in Eastern time).


When you think World Cup, you usually think about the moments on the field: Zidane’s headbutt, Baggio’s shootout kick over the net against Brazil, and so forth. But there’s a ton of stuff happening behind the scenes, especially ensuring that the tournament goes off without a hitch. FIFA is making sure that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be extra safe by enlisting military robots for security.

If you watch TV, you’re probably familiar with the new iRobot commercials, which are part weird and part cool. FIFA and iRobot are teaming up to provide the World Cup with 30 PackBot robots (MSRP: roughly $150,000), the type used in the field in Afghanistan and Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant. These badboys will be used via remote control to pick out suspicious objects and navigate through unsafe situations, fingers crossed there won’t be.

Not only will there be robots, but Brazilian police officers will be rocking camera glasses, capturing 400 facial images per second, then uploaded to a database of 13 million faces.

A bit extreme? Maybe, but better safe than sorry. Here’s a look at how the military uses iRobot:


We won’t be hearing a lot of gaming news this week as gaming companies wait for E3 next week to show off their stuff. Best Buy however, listed some new features for FIFA 14 that EA Sports doesn’t have on their site. Here’s what they have:

  • Capture the thrill of a well-executed goal with Pure Shot technology, which mimics the moves your favorite striker performs during games when he scores awe-inspiring goals
  • Watch as your player adjusts the approach angle to a more suitable direction for optimal positioning while taking a shot on goal
  • Experience players’ expanded understanding of the phases of shooting, which enables them to adjust their stride and pace to precisely hit the ball
  • Contend with realistic situations, in which players may need to take off-balanced or rushed shots that can hinder the accuracy and strength of their attempt based on where they are on the pitch and how the ball is delivered to their feet
  • Enjoy new animations that eliminate the foot-sliding, skipping and scissor legs that occurred in FIFA 13
  • Test your skill with Real Ball Physics that enables the ball to act as it would in the real world, based on new formulas that dictate the flight path and trajectory of a shot
  • Strike the ball with force from a distance, drill low-rising shots with accuracy and blast dipping or swerving shots with realistic turbulence effects and utilize Curling Lofted Through Balls to curl the ball around opponents for precise passes
  • Navigate the intricacies of ball possession, mastered by FC Barcelona, which dictates the tempo of the match with the Protect the Ball gameplay feature
  • Fend off and block opponents from the ball while running at any speed, countering defensive pulling by stepping in front of the defender and using your body to shield the ball and stepping into the opposition to maintain possession and make a pass
  • Fight for position prior to receiving the ball, so you are in the optimal location at the opportune moment
  • Move in any direction to preserve your natural momentum and utilize quick, explosive cuts and turns to beat defenders one-on-one while sprinting with the Sprint Dribble Turns feature
  • Show your dribbling with optimal touch and control that minimizes opportunities for defenders to regain possession with Variable Dribble Touches
  • Combine different types of tackles, recover from missed tackles quickly and have another opportunity to compete for the ball in any tackling situation with Second Chance Tackles
  • Come together as a team with improved teammate intelligence that delivers tighter, smarter marking and better run tracking
  • Rely on your defenders to recognize opportunities to improve support and win back possessions, and depend on attacking players to break down intelligent defenses by creating space, running along the back line and checking their pace
  • Learn and master the fundamental skills needed to be a star football player in Skill Games, a competitive practice mode helps you become a better player, faster
  • Develop and refine a personalized scouting network as you search for talent around the world — you can evaluate players who may bolster your squad during the transfer windows with a new hub that provides live scouting reports in Career Mode
  • Connect to the heartbeat of the sport and to other football fans through EA SPORTS Football Club, FIFA 14′s social network, where you can compete and share with millions of others around the world


One frustrating thing in the FIFA games is when you have a great opportunity for a pass and your teammate just isn’t in the right position to receive this. This is now a thing of the past with Teammate Intelligence. New for FIFA 14, your computer controlled teammates can now to make better and smarter decisions on both the attack and on defense.

Some notes from EA:

  • FIFA 14 introduces new run types to make goal-scoring opportunities even more exciting. Players will have the intelligence to break down defenses by creating space for themselves and separation from defenders.
  • You will notice that attacking players will watch the backline to avoid being caught offside before breaking free for a pass or through ball. Attackers will also now perform checked runs to confuse defenders.
  • Additionally, the center-forward will back into a defender to hold position and receive the ball, creating space to gain possession. Afterward, he will either release to another player or turn and shoot on goal.
  • Defenders will be better at tracking runs without over-committing. They will recognize opportunities to support and apply pressure from anywhere on the pitch. Rather than always covering the player closest to them, AI defenders will better position themselves to reduce the chance of someone being left wide-open:
  • Defensive decision-making will be based on multiple frames enabling defenders to continually analyze the play to search for the most dangerous player. This will improve run tracking and man marking. Smarter, tighter marking will change the way games unfold as more action is driven to the middle of the field, leading to tighter passes and a greater emphasis on strategy.
  • Also introduced this year is defensive pressure—teammates will recognize good opportunities to win back possession and support with tighter marking and more pressure. Previously, once a team had a lead late into a match, they would begin to slow the pace to run down the clock. Now, Defenders will recognize this and press the attacking players in an attempt to win back possession.


The folks at MachinimaSports got a chance to speak with Sebastian Enrique (FIFA 14 Producer) about some new features in the upcoming FIFA 14. We wrote about the new features yesterday, but this video should explain things a bit further.  In this vid you’ll learn about real ball physics, pure shot, and more: