Check out this trailer from the FIFA team, showing improvements to goal scoring in FIFA 14.


The Madden 25 demo is coming next week Tuesday (August 13th) for the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation 3. This demo is a little different from previous versions, so here’s the full breakdown from EA Sports.


First up is the Skills Trainer, a brand new addition to the Madden NFL franchise. We have included four key drills that will help get you ready for the full release. The football drills include: Precision Modified Running, Total Control Passing, The Option, and Ball Hawk. The two areas of emphasis will be Precision Modified Running and Option drills, as those will give players the most control as the ball carrier. There may be a slight learning curve with these new mechanics, but it will pay off and you will quickly see the improvements you make to your stick skills.


Once you’ve mastered the Skills Trainer, it’s time to check out the two Play Now matchups in the demo. You can choose the Super Bowl XLVII rematch between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, or the Seattle Seahawks against the Green Bay Packers.


While your favorite football team may not be included in this year’s Madden demo, we are excited to produce these four teams. Practice the option game with Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick, Run Free with the likes of Ray Rice and Randall Cobb, and check out the all-new Force Impact System with Patrick Willis and the feared Seahawks secondary.


Lastly, the demo also includes two brand-new videos. The first features a preview of Owner Mode featuring New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft. Mr. Kraft’s words will undoubtedly get you pumped up and excited to become an owner in Connected Franchise. The other video is a compilation of some of the new Madden 25 features: Madden Share, Madden Ultimate Team (including Team Chemistry), and Head-to-Head Seasons.

If there’s one game that does Career Mode right, it’s the NBA 2K series. Not only do you have to perform well on the court, but there’s a ton of stuff you’re able to manage off the court that will affect your career. It’s good to see that EA’s NHL team has implemented some of these options in their new “Live the Life” mode. Trailer above, details from EA Sports below below.


Player Interviews

As you progress through your pro’s career, certain events trigger interviews with media or management. These interviews include either a single question or a series of  questions with four available answers. Your answer affects your Likeability rating with fans, teammates, family, and management.


When do Interviews occur and what are they focused on?

  • Pre-Draft Interviews: Pre-Draft Interviews occur a few days prior to the NHL entry draft. These interviews give the user a chance to move up or down in the draft based on whether or not a team likes the answers provided. Three teams, all within your projected draft range, will interview you.
  • Pre-game: These interviews focus on the team you’re about to play, your recent performance, or any upcoming career milestones.
  • Post-game: These interviews focus on the outcome of the game you just played, your performance, or the milestones you’ve recently reached..
  • News: Interviews can be triggered by events and news from around the league, such as a player signing with your team or being traded to another team.


Off-Ice Events

Off-ice events can occur at any time throughout the season. These events put you in a scenario that forces you to make a key decision that can affect the future of your career.

One scenario might be that after a big game your teammates ask you to join them for a night on the town. You’ll probably get back late and if your coaches find out, they might not be too pleased. What do you do? These are the tough choices you’ll have to make to become an NHL Superstar.


Remember each action you take may produce a positive or negative reaction that can affect ratings and likeability, so make sure to choose carefully.



Playing well on the ice and interacting with your teammates and the media off the ice leads to a positive Likeability rating.

The higher your Likeability rating, the greater the chance endorsement offers will come your way. Endorsements allow you to get extra cash as well as cool looking images for the trophy case.


Likeability Meters

Likeability meters increase or decrease based on actions on and off the ice. They track how you are perceived by fans, teammates, management and your family.

These meters go from -100 to +100 and will produce consequences (positive and negative) based on how much the meter is filled.

Fan Likeability

The Fan Likeability meter defines your relationship with the fans of your team and the league.

  • A high Fan Likeability meter will increase your chances of receiving high-quality endorsements. On the ice, fans will cheer you on and you may even notice the flash from cameras when you touch the puck.
  • A low Fan Likeability meter will lead to boos by fans both locally and around the league. If your Fan Likeability meter is low enough, it may result in you being traded to another team.

Teammate Likeability

The Teammate Likeability meter defines your relationship with members of your team.

  • A high Teammate Likeability meter increases your chances of attending off-ice events. If your teammates like you enough, you might become the team’s captain. Factors such as age, player rating and Management plays into these kinds of decisions, as well. Management will have a say in who becomes captain (see below).
  • Players with a low Teammate Likeability meter will be presented with fewer off-ice event opportunities. If your Teammate Likeability meter is drastically low, teammates may stop passing you the puck when you call for it.

Management Likeability

The Management Likeability meter defines your relationship with the GM and Coaching staff.

  • A high Management Likeability meter makes it harder to be demoted to the minors and makes it easier to get to the NHL. As you develop on as a pro, a high enough Management Likeability rating can reward you with other incentives, such as earning the “C” on your jersey.
  • A low Management Likeability meter makes it harder to progress to the NHL and makes it easier to be demoted to the minors. If your Management Likeability meter is low enough you can be put on the trade block and potentially moved to a new team.

Family Likeability

The Family Likeability meter defines your relationship with your family and has a positive or negative effect on your on-ice attributes.


On-Ice Performance

Your on-ice performance modifier gives you more leeway to act unprofessionally. The better you perform on the ice, the more your fans, teammates, management and  family will be willing to put up with your off-ice antics.


We’re only 8 weeks away from the release of NBA 2K14, so 2K Sports is releasing pieces of info about their game. Today,they announced that dunks can be blocked, which is a feature that has been missing since the start of the franchise, frustrating gamers on and offline.

From their Facebook page:

NBA 2K14 is premiering a brand new blocked shot system! Get ready to reject those that come soft, including now the ability to block dunks! Make your mark defensively in NBA 2K14.

NBA 2K14 drops on October 1st.

As EA Sports’ Madden franchise continues to compile the greatest players in the history of Madden, you can put Michael Vick on that list. Please note that this is in no way based on their real life on-field performance; the Madden 25 All-25 team is based only on their virtual play. If you played Madden 2004, you obviously can’t disagree with this announcement. The man was unstoppable, whether rushing or passing.

Also added to the All-25 team is John Madden (coach), Marshall Faulk (RB), Dwight Freeney & Julius Peppers (DE), Sean Taylor (FS), Deion Sanders & Champ Bailey (CB), and Devin Hester & Vinatieri on special teams.


2K Sports just tweeted out this image of Anthony Davis rocking the new Pelicans jerseys in NBA 2K14. Your thoughts?

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Madden franchise, John Madden will be back in the game to coach the Madden All-25 team, showcasing the talents of the greatest video game athletes at the height of their virtual careers. EA Sports will release the roster for the team in the coming weeks leading up to releases.