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The town of Akhshtyr, a mountain village close to the border with Georgia, is within spitting distance of the $8.6 billion road super road slash high-speed railway built to connect Sochi to the mountains that surrounded the Black Sea resort town.


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Olympics: Figure Skating-Team Pairs Free Skating
The two men – dressed well, but not suspiciously so – walked into the restaurant and sat at a table near the back.

Their waiter approached with a friendly smile, but the gentlemen were not in the mood to talk.

“Close the restaurant,” grumbled the older, more sinister of the pair. “Tell everyone else to leave.”

The waiter, unaware why an Olive Garden in Queens would be the preferred destination for these two ‘businessmen’, called his manager.

“We can’t close the restaurant, fellas. I’m sorry.” At that point the man who had yet to speak opened his coat to reveal a Glock 36. The manager of the best Olive Garden in New York understood. “We’re closed, everyone. Go home.”

The best conspiracy theories involve completely outlandish reasoning. Why would they do that? How does this make sense?

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Apparently the Olympics aren’t exciting enough for everyone. Even those at the Winter Games can get bored with athletic excellence and instead find some other task to occupy their time. Something like knitting. Wait, knitting?

A new scarf could certainly come in handy, but it seems like an odd time to break out the knitting needles. Twitter sure enjoys it.