Why Baseball?

Call it the “me-generation” or “Generation Y” or “The Millenials.” Whatever you want to name it, I’m one of the many who were born less than 30 years ago and raised to believe that I could do whatever I wanted when I grew up.

After high school, I quickly realized that this wasn’t true, but I managed to suspend that knowledge for ten years while I toiled around in school and what my parents would call good jobs. Now, I find myself lucky enough to be doing exactly what I want to do.

I’m writing a blog about baseball called Getting Blanked.

Maybe I should’ve aimed a little bit higher.

This is the part where I would typically delve into flowery language that justifies and explains my infatuation with baseball.  I could write at length about how the game’s combination of tradition and prediction make it so special, or, on a personal level, how the game brought me closer to my grandfather.

It’s all been written about before, probably by others who felt lucky to be able to write about something they loved.  In that sense I know I’m not unique.

However, I do admire that quality, and it’s my hope that we create a unique community through Getting Blanked.

I really want this blog to celebrate a level of irreverence that baseball desperately needs.  However, that doesn’t mean that we’re going to sacrifice baseball smarts. For the most part, those writing on this blog will read FanGraphs, know what FIP is, and not be ashamed of it. In fact, we’ll have a weekly feature explaining some of the more “mathematical” statistics out there.

To get all high brow on you, we’ll be one part Thersites from The Iliad, and, to get all low brow on you, another part President Josiah Bartlett from The West Wing.

Thersites only clamour’d in the throng,

Loquacious, loud, and turbulent of tongue:

Awed by no shame, by no respect controll’d,

In scandal busy, in reproaches bold;

With witty malice studious to defame;

Scorn all his joy, and laughter all his aim.

But chief he gloried with licentious style

To lash the great, and monarchs to revile . . .

Spleen to mankind his envious heart possess’d,

And much he hated all, but most the best.

-          The Iliad

It’s not our job to appeal to the lowest common denominator . . . it’s our job to raise it. If you’re going to [promote] education, it’d be nice not to hide that you have an education.

-          The West Wing

I don’t pretend to be the most irreverent or, certainly not, the most intelligent and so Getting Blanked will depend on its readers just as much as its writers to create an identity.  If you have suggestions, questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me through email or Twitter.

This is the type of community I want to create, and as a typical member of my generation, I expect to get what I want. Or something like that. Whatever.