Joey Votto Is Really Good

You might say that Joey Votto’s 2010 has been a success.  You also might say that Google is a good search engine and that Twitter has become a popular tool for communication.

Votto, without question, has been an enormous part of the Cincinnati Reds finding themselves with a magical number of one win or one St. Louis Cardinals loss away from postseason baseball for the first time in 15 years.

A quick look through his basic numbers tells you as much (37 HRs, .426 OBP, .607 SLG, 7.4 WAR). A few weeks ago, some bright mind discovered that Votto hadn’t recorded a single infield fly out all season, which remains true today.

Then, on the heels of teammate Aroldis Chapman throwing the fastest recorded pitch in the history of baseball, Votto added to his legen-wait-for-it-dary season.

In the first inning of Sunday afternoon’s game against the Padres, Votto went deep against southpaw Clayton Richard, who hadn’t given up a home run to a left handed hitter since August 1, 2009.  And just in case going yard against a pitcher who has kept it in the park against 241 consecutive left handed at bats wasn’t enough, Votto took it to the opposite field.

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  1. It’s an Olympic year, but I still think Votto will take the Lou Marsh

  2. So what’s the story Parkes, are we allowed to tell you to fuck off here, too? Answer wisely, because if not, I’m totally never coming back.

  3. If the Phillies and Reds meet in the playoffs, I have no idea who to root for. Doc or Votto? TORN.

  4. So what you’re saying is Joey Votto is good and Aroldis Chapman throws hard? Sweet. Understatement is the new hyperbole!

  5. James:

    A lacrosse player with palsy in Nunavit will be found to be more deserving.


    As long as it comes from your keyboard, it never offends.


    I’m the least Go Canada Go person in the world and I’m leaning toward Votto. That’s just an incredible season.


    Votto is the new hyperbole. He’s that good.

  6. Navin! Get it together! You know the answer to that is cheer for Votto to hit HRs off of The Other Roy, Hamels, and Doc’s relievers should they ever make an appearance.

  7. I’d make that 37 HRs. True, and even more impressive.

  8. If it comes down to Phillies and Reds in the playoffs, put me down for the Reds. Roy or not, the Phillies are too damn hard to cheer for. They’re sort of like the Yankees of the NL, just not quite as utterly hateable. It’s close, but they’re not quite there yet.

  9. Just going to share an interesting fact I was told about votto. Apparently he works out with football strength and conditioning coaches. I don’t exactly know the rest of baseball players do but when you think of his massive power, maybe more guys should look at nfl style training..

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