Linkin' Ballpark

Good morning baseball fan club.

With one week to go in the regular season, most of us suckers have stopped deluding ourselves with the hope of post season baseball for our teams and are now nestling into the search for new allegiances that will only last the next month or so.

Of course, there are those among us still clinging to ridiculous hopes, and oddly enough, the Red Sox almost pulled off a series sweep that would’ve breathed new life into several delusions in the New England area.

Even though it was Hideki Okajima giving up a walk to Juan Miranda that won the game for the Yankees, Red Sox fans should be thanking Jonathan Papelboner (and yet another blown save) for putting the entire fan base out of its ridiculous misery and quashing a few more days of will they or won’t they (even though they never would’ve) nail biting.

Surprisingly, Sox fans might have a point in their finger when they blame umpire Phil Cuzzi for the ol’ squeeze job.  Although complaining about the strike zone during a game being played at Yankee Stadium does seem a little passe for this late in the season, and Mariano Rivera had to pitch through a similar squeeze during his frame, too.

So, let’s digress.  We’ve got other stuff to get to anyway including Kenny Powers, emotions running wild at FanGraphs, the games this week that aren’t meaningless and the target on Jose Bautista’s back.

R.J. Anderson from FanGraphs is proving that if you just add moisture to dry baseball analysis, everything turns sopping wet, as he breaks down what’s so special about post season baseball, with nary a number in his arsenal.

Just in case you hadn’t already completely alienated yourself from your friends with nerdy baseball talk, Baseball Prospectus is claiming the final week of September to be PECOTA Week.

The Biz of Baseball makes a pretty good  case that Stan Kasten’s recent exit from the Washington National’s head office has something to do with a new post in the Commissioner’s Office.

The second season of Eastbound & Down premiered last night “and in addition to all that other stuff, Kenny Powers still does not like children.”

With Stephen Strasburg sidelined for the next little while, there’s a new young stud in Washington to cause fans worry and inspire hyperbole.

The Giants restored order in the NL West yesterday on the heels of Matt Cain’s no-hit bid against the Colorado Rockies (which wasn’t broken up until one out in the eighth inning).  San Francisco now sits a half game up on the San Diego Padres, only four days away from their season-ending series against each other.

MLB home run leader Jose Bautista (insert joke regarding unlikelihood of saying this) was hit with pitches on two occasions against the Baltimore Orioles on Sunday, resulting in a couple of ejections, and marking the first time all season that two Orioles pitchers have been able to hit their spots in the same game.  Bautista has gone yard nine times against the Orioles this season, the most among clubs he’s faced.