Rangers Lead ALDS 1-0

The Rangers beat the Rays 5-1 on the strength of Cliff Lee’s 10 strikeout performance and Benji Molina’s three hits.

Stray Observations

How lovely is afternoon playoff baseball in the autumn . . . being played in a domed stadium?

Both teams come out swinging and that’s not a metaphor.  There was absolutely no lack of aggressiveness through the first few innings of the game.

Vladimir Guerrero’s first hit of the playoffs was on a pitch outside the zone.  Big surprise.

As a Jays fan who listens to Buck Martinez do a shoddy job at play-by-play every game, it’s amazing how great he is at analysis.

I don’t understand how Carlos Pena didn’t swing at the third strike in his at bat in the first with one out and the bases loaded.  How do you take a pitch like that with any count, let alone with two strikes.

There was much mocking of Jeff Francoeur’s inclusion in the lineup on Twitter. It’s only fitting that he comes through with an RBI double to score the first run of the game.

Marc Fein, the roaming reporter for TBS, is no Craig Sager.  I didn’t realize that the Dwight Schrute look was catching.

I noticed Cliff Lee had some white stuff on the brim of his hat.  After watching several PSA commercials in which children say the slang names of drugs, I was convinced he must’ve been rolling juicies in the dugout.

Both the Nelson Cruz home run and the Vladimir Guerrero RBI double were hit off of 3-0 pitches.  I guess these guys have never played for my softball team.

Without having seen the Rangers play too much this season, I was really impressed with Josh Hamilton’s range in center field.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought about Wezen Ball’s Tater Trot Tracker after Molina’s home run.

Bengie Molina:  I can make contact, why Cantu?  Heyo!

I really have to wonder why David Price was kept in a 5-0 game for so long.  Why not run Chad Qualls out there earlier and let him tire out?

Ben Zobrist’s home run reminds us how quietly valuable he is to the Tampa Bay Rays.

TBS shows David Beckham chatting with David Beckham and the commentator explains that Beckham was disappointed to learn that it wasn’t the Cincinnati Cricket Club.  Funny that he mentioned cricket because that was about all you could hear after he said it.

The first three innings felt like that scene in Goodfellas where Ray Liotta is driving all over town.  The last six felt like watching the entirety of Kundun.

More Stray Thoughts

Here is the best of what Twitter had to offer during today’s game: