Crowdreel is an online application that delivers real-time access to the images posted on Twitter.  With hundreds of photos uploaded every minute, Crowdreel lets you search, share and add context to pictures in your existing Twitter network.

It’s a fantastic way to explore and share images with people around the world.

For the purposes of this blog though, we’re going to use it to mock people around the world.  I love technology.

It’s shots like these that make me thankful that television manufacturers decided to go with wide screen instead of long screen.

Yeah, I’d cover my face if I was wearing that hat too.

It takes balls the size of gonads to write out a prediction in stone like this.  I mean this is forever.  There’s no going back from it. The permanence of this statement will now echo into eternity.

I used to have a dry erase board that said: “Do not erase.”

The caption below this picture on crowdreel said, “My girlfriend’s take on the MLB playoffs: “Mark Teixeira looks like ‘Mama’ from ‘Mama’s Family’.”

Wait.  What did your sister say?  Never mind, Hee Haw is on.

“If you watch closely he actually loses his totem in the washroom and we never see if he gets it back again.  It’s after that scene that all the dream elements begin playing out in his own life.  I think that answers the question why his kids don’t age in the . . . excuse me . . . No, mom!  If we wanted pizza pockets we would’ve asked for them.”

Is the double rainbow some sort of choke hold that this guy got left in for too long?  I make fun of him, but he’s a human koala bear.  He feels no stress whatsoever and will probably outlive me by thirty years.

“Mr. Morris was my father.  Call me Whiskey Jack.  Anyway, where was I?  Right, I was coming down the I-90 with a twenty ton haul when my handle’s name starts getting buzzed on the CB . . .”