Longtime Braves fan Craig Calcaterra had the best summary of last night’s game between San Francisco and Atlanta:

Bobby Cox has lived and died by trusting his players.  This day he died by it, leaving Derek Lowe in the game in the seventh inning against his better judgment. Lowe said he could get Pat Burrell out. He couldn’t. He walked him and extended the inning. If Cox decides not to trust Lowe there, maybe the Braves get out of the jam. If Cox doesn’t trust his players, however, he doesn’t manage for 29 years in the bigs.

The Giants won 3-2 thanks to a two run seventh that was also aided by a blown umpire’s call (once again) and a resulting error being charged to Alex Gonzalez.  In the biggest show of class since Billy Connolly taught high school on television, the Giants suspended their NLDS clinching celebration to honour Bobby Cox.

Later, Cox said, “That was nice of [the Giants]. I saw them and gave ‘em a thumb’s up, too.”

San Francisco will now face the Phillies in the NLCS.  If you’re not excited over the prospect of a Roy Halladay vs. Tim Lincecum pitching matchup, you’re not human, or at least not a baseball fan, in which case I would question your humanity.

The NLCS, not to be confused NCSI, begins Saturday on FOX.

And The Rest

Tim Lincecum drops some more F-Bombage.

I sold my soul to Satan in exchange for the Yankees not winning the World Series.  It looks like the devil is finally holding up his end of the bargain.

Are they going to wait until someone’s future children dies before they start making jocks mandatory for first base coaches?

Reds fans tried to get Cole Hamels drunk before his Game Three start on Sunday. Unfortunately, the booze just got added to some Phillies fans’ riot punch.

An incredibly interesting post on why the Wild Card makes sense in baseball.  It basically boils down to the average Wild Card team being better than the third division winner.

Finally, part of what makes the Giants so darn likeable is their refusal to ever stop believin’: