There Will Be A Game Six

The Yankees got to C.J. Wilson, who only threw43 of his 98 pitches for strikes, in the second inning, singling the southpaw to death and taking advantage of an errant Jeff Franoeur throw to put up three runs.

The Rangers never really recovered.

The third inning saw two solo home runs from Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano, and although the Rangers nibbled with quality at bats against Sabathia throughout his six full innings of work, only scoring two runs on eleven hits does not a winner make.

Kerry Wood followed Sabathia with two scoreless innings as the Yankees kept adding to the scoreline.

As the Yankees get what those in the industry call a lease on life, the ALCS goes back to Texas for games six and seven (if necessary), starting on Friday night.

Stray Observations

  • A lot of fuss was being made over the small crowd to begin the game at Yankee Stadium.  I’m going to go out on a limb and wager that it’s easier to get there for an 8:00 PM game than one starting at 4:00PM.
  • I’m still gathering the impression that the atmosphere may be somewhat lacking.
  • C.J. Wilson wasn’t throwing a lot of strikes over the first two innings, but I’d be hesitant too when the Yankees scored three runs off seeing eye singles and bloop hits.  No way Granderson gets a hit without the outfield playing so deep.
  • Very unclutch throw by Jeff Francoeur.
  • Okay, so the home runs in the third might have ruined that theory.  Wilson doesn’t look good today.
  • Great at bat by Nelson Cruz in the top of the fourth that led to a double.  As much praise as there is being thrown at Hamilton; Cruz and Andrus have been brilliant for the Rangers.
  • The Berkman fall didn’t look that bad at all.  Sad bragging point: Totally called it right away that he knocked the wind out of him.
  • Down by four with two on, one out in the fifth and Hamilton hits into a double play. Oh, what could’ve been.
  • Sabthia was far from dominant for most of the game. If things had gone a little differently with positioning and luck, Wilson and the Yankees ace could have a distinctly different number of runs.
  • Top of the sixth, bases loaded with one out for Treanor was as nervous of an at bat as you can get in a 6-1 game.
  • Kerry Wood’s breaking pitch that never broke missed the strike zone by three Molinas.
  • A LOT of foul balls in this game.  If they keep records of such things I’d be very curious to learn where this game stands in the all-time list.

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