My name is Buster Posey and I eat important Game Fours of the NLCS for breakfast.

As hard as Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee have pushed baseball fans to label this playoffs as the Postseason of the Pitcher, Buster Posey did his part last night to ensure that at the very least the subtitle reads: And his battery mate too.

What did the rookie catcher do for the Giants in their 6-5 victory over the Phillies?

  • Why not kick things off with an RBI single in the first inning to open the scoring.
  • Might as well add an RBI double in the third inning to make the score 2-0for the Giants.
  • Now, let’s try making the defensive play of the postseason in the fifth by taking an Aaron Rowand short hop, blocking Carlos Ruiz at the plate and emerging victorious in some catcher-on-catcher violence to record the out.
  • We could toss in another double in the seventh.
  • Then wrap it up with a single in the ninth inning that advanced Aubrey Huff to third base before Juan Uribe’s game winning sacrifice fly.

Not bad.  Not bad at all.

And The Rest

If you’re interested in further game summarizing, you can’t do better than checking out Look Out Landing’s amazing recap.  Like fun I will.

The Blanton vs. Bumgarner matchup produced similarly mediocre results.

We’ve been hard on Phillies fans and Yankees fans for their behaviour during the playoffs, so it’s only fitting that we also point out when Giants thugs act up.

One often overlooked factor contributing to the Giants success:  Rally thongs for everyone.

C.J. Wilson owns up to his poor performance in the afternoon game . . . on Twitter.

Ed Price also tweets that Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg will make a competitive offer for Cliff Lee’s services.  Why?  What has he ever done for the Texas Rangers?

The New York Times baseball blog has a sit down with Greenberg.

It appears as though the Pittsburgh Pirates led the league in excrement both on and off the field.

The Ontological Question Of The Day:  Could anyone care less if Mark McGwire stays or leaves as hitting coach of the St. Louis Cardinals?

Washington Nationals prospect (redundant?) Bryce Harper made his Arizona Fall League debut going 1 for 4 and impressing Keith Law during batting practice.

It looks as though Yu Darvish will remain the best pitcher not in the Majors again next year.

The Baseball Analysts have put together a fascinating chart that examines swinging, pitch selection, and strike throwing based on the ball/strike count.

Viewer ratings for the MLB Playoffs continue to do well.

Finally, if only Yankees games could be played like this: