Making Fun Of The Pirates

It’s been a tough year on the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Not only did the Bucs suffer the indignity of:

  • a 22 game losing streak during the first month of the season, including a game in which they lost 20-0 to the Milwaukee Brewers;
  • an 18th straight losing season, which they clinched in mid-August;
  • the team’s worst winning percentage since 1954;
  • having Russell Crowe as a fan.

But now, the team’s open manager position has been rejected by the bench coach of the Kansas City Roalys.  The Kansas City Royals!

Former Blue Jays manager John Gibbons has let it be known that he would prefer to stick with the Royals this coming season rather than manage the Pittsburgh Pirates.

That would be like Russell Crowe refusing to be in your movie so that he can take a supporting part in an Udo Kier film.

No reason was given for Gibbers change of heart, but I’m fairly confident in speculating that it has something to do with a personal vow he’s made not to fight anyone half his age, which likely leaves the entire roster of the 2011 Pirates off his radar.  What’s the point in managing if you can’t get in a brouhaha every once in a while?

Watching a lot of the 2004-2008 Toronto Blue Jays, I got to see Gibbons managerial style as well as anyone without clubhouse access.  Strategically speaking, he’s probably as by the book as you can get, which to me, is exactly what you want in a manager.  His sense of humour was always appreciated during interviews on local sports radio.

Gibbons was one of seven candidates the Pirates have interviewed, including Eric Wedge, Jeff Banister, Ken Macha, Bo Porter, Dale Sveum and Carlos Tosca.  Wedge and Tosca have both found work elsewhere since their interviews.