Nick Swisher needs to learn a valuable lesson:  The more you talk about how Cliff Lee doesn’t concern you or how Cliff Lee isn’t on your mind, the more people are going to think that Cliff Lee concerns you and that Cliff Lee is very much on your mind.

Swisher overheard a journalist asking a teammate about Lee a couple lockers down and interrupted their interview to proclaim:

You guys are talking about Cliff Lee?  [Expletive], who cares?  I can’t wait to hit against his ass.

Later, when he was being interviewed, Swisher cut off a question about Lee, stating:

I’m not talking about Cliff Lee. I don’t give a [expletive].

The Swish doth protest too much.

For the record, Swisher has actually hit Lee quite well over the course of his career.  In 31 plate appearances, the Yankees outfielder has collected eight hits, four walks and two homeruns, with a .320 AVG, .419 OBP and a .640 SLG.  In Game Three of the ALCS, Swisher was 0 for 3 against the southpaw, striking out once.

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  1. Interesting that Swisher has good numbers against Lee. He turned in two very good at bats in Game Three, to his credit.

    To Swisher’s detriment, he’s a massive douchebag. I could go either way.

  2. I always hated Swish ’til I heard about his brain cancer charity work. His grandma who raised him died of it. Not a bad dude, but definitely comes across as a douche a lot of the time. The whole pink goatee thing didn’t help matters either.

  3. You guys are talking about Nick Swisher? [Expletive], who cares?

    I’m not talking about Nick Swisher. I don’t give a [expletive].

  4. I have never been a Swisher fan, especially recently since he became a Yankee but this is what playoffs is all about.

    I’m annoyed every time I see players having friendly conversations at first base or around the cage at batting practice.

    The off season leaves plenty of time to make friends but right now they are enemies. I remember Buck Martinez speaking about this during a Blue Jays game and he mentioned that this kind of behavior is fairly new. I forged the manager he referenced but he said that a certain team gave out fines to anyone conversing with the enemy.

    I like the way Swisher is approaching this. Lee is on the other side of a huge series and will not intimidate him and he won’t spend his time talking about him.

  5. 20 mins. WIll you do a live blog for WS games?

  6. By the way just wanted to say that the blog is great. Reading it everyday.

  7. Fuck off parkes and swishr

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