Lend A Scalper Your Beach House

Can’t afford tickets to the World Series?  Get creative.

As ticket prices for Game One of the World Series spiral out of control on StubHub, RazorGator and craigslist, desperate ticket seekers have sought out feudal bartering strategies to land themselves seats.

From the Silicon Valley Mercury News:

Standing-room-only tickets were being marked up on craigslist by as much as 2,000 percent, front-row seats on StubHub were going for $20,000 a pair, and desperate fans were offering their beach homes in trade for a way into the game. One online ad offered to barter free dental work for Giants tickets; another held out the promise of “awesome” World Series tickets in exchange for “pre-IPO” or “founders shares” of stock.

We’ve already established that scalpers are the lowest form of life, and it appears as though at least one Giants fan who can’t afford to compete in the insanity of the ticket resale market agrees.  Among the pages and pages of ads on craigslist, this poster expressed his disbelief:

Man whats (sic) wrong with this world. If there were any REAL Giants fans holding World Series tickets, they would not be scalping $50 tickets for $500, they’d be going to the Series and watching a once in a lifetime ballgame. This is a joke.