A's Reunion Tour To Hit New York

Mets GM Sandy Alderson will be looking to reunite part of his successful Oakland A’s crew as he begins the process of forming a management team in New York.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that Alderson has already reached out to San Diego Padres VP Paul DePodesta and ESPN Analyst J.P. Ricciardi to come aboard.  It’s not clear if DePodesta or Ricciardi would give up their current positions.

Sherman says that Ricciardi is currently “weighing several options,” which might as well be a direct quote from the former Blue Jays GM who mastered vague and meaningless answers that reveal absolutely nothing during his time in Toronto.

In the article Sherman also goes on to suggest that the Mets have missed out on potential managerial candidates John Farrell and Eric Wedge who have already agreed to manage other teams.

All this talk about mid nineties Oakland A’s executives is getting me hot and bothered for the Moneyball movie that is currently being filmed.

Some casting notes that you might find interesting, from IMDB:

Character Actor
Billy Beane Brad Pitt
Art Howe Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Scott Hatteberg Chris Pratt
Jorge Posada Sergio Garcia
David Justice Stephen Bishop
Carlos Pena Adrian Bellani
Eric Chavez Art Ortiz
Peter Brand Jonah Hill

Peter Brand? That’s right. Paul DePodesta requested that his name not be included in the film and so his character was renamed Peter Brand.  The not DePodesta character, who everyone is going to imagine as DePodesta anyway will be played by Jonah Hill. The difference in body types between the two would be like hiring Justin Long to play Pablo Sandoval, so I can see why DePodesta might have had some concern.