The Best Halloween Costume Ever

Here I was, thinking that I would blow people’s minds by dying my beard black and going as Brian Wilson for Halloween, and then Benjamin Button over here steps up, grows a moustache and suffers through premature hair loss just to pull off the Ron Washington costume.  Amazing.

For your listening enjoyment, something called the unticket has compiled an audio montage of Ron Washington quotes that includes such gems as:

  • We can play some baseball
  • Anyone that knows me, an’ the game of baseball, know what Ron Washington is about
  • I jus’ think tha’s the way my hair grow
  • Baseball-ball
  • I’m not surprised by anything Michael do
  • Thas the way baseball go
  • I don’ think he know where he is right now
  • Getch yer head ouch’er butt and less play baseball tomorrow

My ring tones will never be the same.

A hard to understand thank you to Keith Gordon who originally tweeted the photo of the kid, and to @JerodMSF, who directed me to the audio clips.