Don't Mind The Beiber

There’s a fantastic article on NBC’s Hard Ball Talk today about Justin Bieber debuting his music video prior to the start of Game Three of the World Series on Saturday night.

It would be extremely easy to launch into a scornful and bitter attack on Beiber and baseball, where I’d mention that Beiber’s genitalia is proportionately sized to this year’s World Series television ratings, but not only would that be inappropriate, it would entirely miss the point.

As the mighty Craig Calcatera points out:

Game 3 is the early start game, with the first pitch going down before 7PM.  The early start combined with all that Bieber Fever is going so ensure that a ton of young, impressionable minds are going to be watching.  While I predict that the vast majority of the Bieber people will go off to shop for glittery lip gloss or trade Silly Bandz or whatever it is Bieber people do once the video is over, even a tiny percentage of those folks is a big number of people. If they stay, and if they watch, baseball may do what it’s always accused of being unable to do, and that’s attract some young fans.

I realize it’s hard for anyone with a brain larger than Bieber’s fist (about the size of a cue ball) to imagine sitting through three minutes of some garbage bubble gum pop tune where a preteen lady boy croons lyrics drenched in fabricated ideas of love and romance as though he’s felt the truth of either of those in his short and sheltered life.  But here’s the thing that will blow your mind:  It’s not all about you.

Occasionally, things happen in this world that have no concern with your best interests.  This is one of them, and there’s a chance that it might help to make this game more popular.  So for the purposes of those few minutes prior to Game Three of the World Series, hating on Bieber is hating on baseball.  And good luck ever finding your way to an Iowa cornfield after pulling that shit.

Go Bieber!  Go Baseball!

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  1. Is he singing the national anthem or one of his songs? Either way, I am SO there!

  2. I think Kelly Clarkson is singing the anthem on Saturday. I like how The Bieb is supporting the San Francisco Rangers. You really can’t go wrong.

  3. Anybody that can get Kim Kardashian’s cell number is okay by me.

    PS – speaking of music – burn me that CD already!

  4. ouch, someone has a weeeeeee bit of an inferiroeity (cant even say that word let alone spell it) complex, just because dude pulls more tail then you do and hes only 12 doesnt mean you have to be so mean, lmao

  5. I’d rather have an inferiority complex than a spelling problem. Just sayin’

  6. ha, well you spell good, next you just have to work on grammar, lol

  7. Fuck off parkes your clitdick is way smaller

  8. If it’s the young viewers they’re looking for, why don’t they have Elmo host the 7th inning stretch, and hire Bart Simpson as a colour commentator?

    I think baseball is a hard sport to get into a habit of watching, and without heavy influence from family or friends, it ain’t happening. Especially after one viewing – extra especially in the dragged out World Series.

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