As we’ve discussed before, Crowdreel is a great site for finding pictures taken by baseball fans from around North America.  It also happens to be even better for mocking baseball fans from around North America.

Maybe it’s just me, but what else is scorn for, if not to be used on those sharing their life with complete strangers online?  Enough chitter chatter, let’s bring on the mean spirited put downs.

After reading this note on the door, I hope the exterior of this house was suitably redecorated in eggshell white by neighbourhood youths.  Like I’m supposed to schedule my candy collection around your candy give away hour.  And 6-7?  Really?  Is it even dark outside at that time?

This looks amazing.  What?  You prefer hair pie?

Your first instinct is to assume that this guy was sitting in the nose bleeds, but then you notice that his pupils are the size of silver dollars and he’s totally stretching out his mouth muscles.  It’s pretty clear he snorted so much Li’l Ron Washington that he needed a plug to keep it from falling out.

Great Miss Piggy costume.  I’m not sure I get the Texas Rangers reference though.

The caption for this picture reads: “Partying with the San Francisco Giants.”  Considering this type of party is probably outlawed in Texas,  it’s safe to assume this photo comes to us from San Francisco.  I wonder how long after the party until this guy realized that the Giants were playing in Texas all weekend long.  I’m going with ignorance being bliss in this case.

The best part about this picture is barely visible.  Look closely at the sunglasses of Dirtbag #1 on the left in the Italian tuxedo.  Do you see it?  Yeah, that’s an extended arm cheersing the photographer with a can of beer while the picture is being taken.

I’m no Annie Leibovitz, but how do you not include that in the frame of the photo?  Maybe if these guys spent less money on brand new Rangers merchandise they could afford better photographers for their modeling shoots.  And more clothing.  And better hair cuts.  And a shave.