Perhaps the biggest hit of the Hallo’ween season was none other than Li’l Ron Washington.

The Texas Rangers were so impressed with seven year old Liam Roybal’s amazing costume, that they contacted his family and invited them to Game Four of the World Series where Ron Washington’s personal mini me called “Play Ball!”

The manager and his doppelganger met prior to the start of the game in what might be called the cutest photo op this side of a monkey tickling a kitten.

Liam’s dad, Rick Roybal, was almost as pleased as his boy, listing a dozen moments in an email to me that will not soon be topped:

Not too sure where to start. what do you say when:

1. You meet Ron Washington.
2. Your son has a press conference in the dugout with Ron Washington.
3. You go into the Ranger clubhouse and meet every single Ranger. Josh, Colby, and Murph are the absolute best.
4. You tour the entire stadium.
5. Thousands of fans cheer “Lil Ron!”
6. You meet Nolan Ryan.
7. Joey Votto wants to take a picture with your son.
8. You see Hank Aaron.
9. Laura and Barbara Bush wave at you and your son.
10. Executives of the MLB Network wants to take a picture of you.
11. You and your family sit in the MLB Network suite.
12. Your son yells, “Play Ball!” at the World Series.


Sketches Of San Francisco

The Bay Citizen had a wonderful idea for the first game of the World Series: why not arm A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius author and San Francisco native Dave Eggers with a sketchpad to document what he saw?

The results are much like his writing: amusing and somehow immediately relateable.

Chosen Attire

Big League Stew has the story of the Presidential entrance prior to last night’s first pitch being thrown out.  Two interesting facts: 1) Cody Ross broke rank and jogged up to the Bush’s golf cart to shake hands; 2) George Bush Sr. wore a non-committal World Series jacket instead of Rangers gear because of his allegiance to the Houston Astros.

My personal favourite Presidential moment came in the middle of the fifth inning when the cameras caught Barbara Bush leaning over toward her husband and George W. inexplicably picked up his rally towel and began swatting his mother’s behind.  Just amazing.

And The Rest

Freddy Sanchez is a big fan of Aubrey Huff home runs.

Good news for Jays fans: Jose Bautista seems ready to put in the work to make sure he’s prepared for how pitchers throw to him after his breakout season.

What exactly is Sandy Alderson inheriting as the new GM of the Mets?

The Baseball Analysts examine the idea of swinging on a 3-0 count.

Perhaps the biggest question of the offseason will be: What is Cliff Lee worth?

Perhaps the second biggest question of the offseason will be: What is Jayson Werth . . . uh, worth?

First base umpire Jeff Kellogg had a tough game last night.

The Rangers finally get some success from their bullpen and then Alexi Ogando injures his oblique.  Maybe the Giants are the team of density.

Just in case you didn’t realize by watching: Madison Bumgarner has a slightly better game than Tommy Hunter last night.

Finally, I enjoy getting into the Hallo’ween spirit as much as the next guy, but what is it with people thinking that they’re supposed to get into character.  It’s Hallo’ween, not Stanislavski Day.  And anyway, demonic possession isn’t really something to joke about.