Manny Spotted In Toronto

While we’re doing the Page Six thing, quoting unnamed sources from another baseball blog, it would be negligent not to mention that several tweeters spotted Manny Ramirez in Toronto yesterday.

But before you start getting your Ramirez jersey printed up at Jays Shop, there are a few factors to consider:

  • How likely is it that the Blue Jays would be speaking to Manny Ramirez personally the very day that they’re allowed to begin negotiations?  And wouldn’t they be more likely to begin the process by speaking with Scott Boras?
  • Do Torontonians think so poorly of their municipality that the idea of a big name athlete enjoying their city can only be linked to business and not pleasure?  Manny has always been said to like Toronto and so it shouldn’t be entirely surprising that he’d be here for his own enjoyment.
  • The NFL was in town.  It may not be entirely coincidental that Manny was spotted in Toronto just prior to the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills kicking off at Rogers Centre.

It’s extremely doubtful that the Chicago White Sox will offer Ramirez arbitration and risk being on the hook for a raise from the $18.7 million he made last season, freeing teams interested in Manny from having to give up a compensatory draft pick.

However, unless Adam Lind is moved by Toronto or shows drastic improvement playing first base, I don’t understand the Blue Jays pursut of Ramirez.  With Boras as his agent, there are also worries that the on base machine is going to overvalue himself.  As Nick Cafardo states in his look at this year’s menu of free agents, “He has to accept that he’s a $7 million player not a $20 million player.”