And The Winners Are . . .

. . . all of us, after Major League Baseball pulled the most hilarious prank of its existence by naming Derek Jeter the best defensive shortstop in the league . . . for the fifth time.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right.  The joke is getting kind of tired.  I mean we all get it now.  Jeter is a terrible shortstop.  In fact, he was far and away, the absolute worst fielding shortstop to play the game of baseball this season.

Honouring him for his defensive prowess?  Good one, MLB.  That’s a real good one.

But you know how when you watch a guy get hit in the gonads once it’s kind of funny, but then you watch it fifteen more times it kind of gets tired, but by fifteen more times after that, it’s just gone on so long that it starts to get funny again?

Well, I’m pretty sure that’s what American League managers are attempting to do by continuing to send hardware in Jeter’s direction for his defense (just don’t make him go to his left to get it).

My only complaint is that all the practical joking does kind of diminish the fact that Dave Concepcion has also won five Gold Gloves at short stop.

And if MLB is going to make funny like this, how seriously should we take the fact that Ichiro Suzuki won his 10th straight Gold Glove Award?  Or how much stock should we put in Mark Teixeira winning his fourth, Joe Mauer winning his third, Mark Buehrle and Evan Longoria both winning their second Gold Gloves?

I’m sure first time winners, Robinson Cano, Carl Crawford and Franklin Gutierrez would also like to celebrate, but when MLB managers continue their cynically sarcastic taunting of Jeter, it sort of casts a shadow over their achievements.